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  1. My prodigal son, now I'm gone listen to him if you want to know about high ROF!

  2. 40rps club. I think there's only about 4 members in the UK, but hey. Good to see someone on the high ROF ball.

  3. Chav 1, "'As it got dump valve bruv?"

    Chav 2, "Cuz I is tellin' you it's got a chrome plated, nickle plated, flavoured dump valve bruv, when I come off the boost it makes more whooshes than a fu*kin' Dyson!"

  4. M15 external issues - this is your man. M15 internal issues - this is your man, and other internal or exteral issues... you guessed it.

  5. Spot on technical advice all day long!

  6. This guy realises the awesomeness of the CA36 and so should you.

    He's always giving good, accurate advice too. Top man.

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