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  1. ewashbrook

    KJW M4

    Trust me, you'll hardly feel the weight difference
  2. I think that SVD could do with some Matte Varnish... Very nice otherwise though!!! EDIT: Somehow forgot about polished wood for a second there, so my whole post may well be invalid...
  3. That's yet another good point! I had a Well R4 MP7 (please don't kill me...) and a "friend" nearly ripped the foregrip off after deciding I "wasn't being man enough". But then it was a Well and therefore made of cheese....
  4. ^^^ Oh now that is beautiful... Is that natural or artificial weathering?
  5. Ah good point about the distance, hadn't thought of that!!
  6. Out of interest, why did you take off the folding foregrip only to replace it with a rail with a fixed foregrip? I'm guessing for versatility?
  7. Ah sorry I was wrong there then... Guess I should actually know what I'm talking about before posting something!!
  8. Did you have any trouble fitting the flip-to-side magnifier over the MBUS? Looks pretty close to me!
  9. I hope this is the case! I enjoy modding but try to avoid it if possible on my pride and joy.... I've gone and bought one anyway so I guess I'll know for certain in a few weeks time!
  10. ewashbrook

    KJW M4

    Agreed, or some black enamel paint.
  11. Just the manufacturer of the magazine I think mate. Might be wrong though....
  12. Hadn't actually thought of that so thanks mate!!
  13. Ooh nice! Yeah I think I might have a similar problem, I'm thinking of putting a Magpul MIAD on my WE SCAR....
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