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  1. Glad to be of service. tokyo model just got them in store, so knock yourself out http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/nine-ball-lanyard-hook-for-marui-px4-p-10642.html?cPath=1_53
  2. Judging by the looks of the ones made for airsoft, no it won't work. However you can try buying the ones made for the marui PX4 from japan. http://www.first-jp.com/items/10/03/09/detail.php?itemcode=1003NIN00177 Here's one. And on different colours : http://www.laylax.com/SHOP/px4_fook_web.html Both are made by laylax/first factory/nineball however they're called this week. I believe they're fairly recent additions so we might see them on HK stores before too long. If your front sight is loose, I use a folded small piece of paper under its. Puts enough pressure for it to stay
  3. Man , Santa's helpers really are well armed these days.
  4. Not sure about the dimensions, however the valve is replaceable by the one in any marui 92FS (old ones). Probably also compatible with other fill valves from other marui models. Anyhow, you could try these: http://www.leesprecision.co.uk/o-ring-repair-kit-for-tokyo-marui-magazines.html
  5. kenxin

    CZ Picture Thread

    Delicious CZ in all it's prime blue glory. Dayum.
  6. Does anyone have a complete G&P WOC upper for sale? also I need a complete bolt and a steel hammer...

  7. After all the machining and design flaws of the shooters design PX4 slides I wouldn't risk 400+ for that either.
  8. This topic needs more longslide glocks.....
  9. This thread is deadder than disco. Moar GRP, this time completely restored.
  10. Reminds me of the last time I used the kitchen. Seriously, what exactly is that?
  11. I think I can do better, here's the manual online straight from marui's website: http://www.tokyo-marui.co.jp/pdf/p_pdfmanual_121127154556.pdf Cheers
  12. kenxin

    CZ Picture Thread

    I have no words to describe how beautiful that is. EDIT: However, I could add that Anvil prime or detonator or who knows who made steel safety and slide catches for that.
  13. IF I were to speculate what was happening with mine, I'd say that the recoil pushed the part that's spring loaded of the hop unit forward, just for a moment, decreasing pressure on the rubber and allowing the BB to seat itself at random depths of the hop rubber's notch. Being a user of the Madbull Noveske rail myself, yes, it's VERY annoying.
  14. Exact same problem with the prime chamber I had. That and the fact that recoil un-adjusted it no matter what I did. In the end I just went for a stock g&P hop chamber and bucking, which works well.
  15. I'm not a fan of that stock...but that build looks awesome.
  16. More pics of those compact ported 1911s...prettyplease...
  17. I was wondering about the barrel. Do those barrels mate with the SD chambers? or is there a NOVA/Anvil chamber I'm not aware of?
  18. Well....it's certainly flashy, if nothing else. Why the full length guide rod?
  19. I was wondering why the finish on that Nova warrior was so odd and good-looking, and I'm still drooling over that S70. dayum. Lovely Operator Drake, I thought I didn't like the LDC version...I was wrong. And good 'ol Hurricane Tactical Entry II. God I love this topic.
  20. And... it's....done. Kind of disappointed with the Element larue mount because you can't really QD it....but at least it's solid.
  21. *_* Squad, why are you so perfect. You've got a PM. Also, post pictures of both your 70's ..... I need more porn of those two. Please?
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