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  1. Here is my WOCs final setup until I let it go to someone else.
  2. good guy lots of help..

  3. Man TeeTee that's some nice photography and a sweet PTW setup. Kudos.
  4. ViciousV10s


    Some classic AUG love And a reaching out a little more
  5. I was bored and had the black panels and cover laying around. I actually dig the way it looks with the Noveske 10" rail that was on the front. With the 733 style hand guards I think it looks much better back to the basics.
  6. WOC - still deciding what to do with it P.S. WE M4 > WOC
  7. Hmmm I think that looks pretty wicked J3T!
  8. I placed an order while he was away, I received the package 7 days after his return. I'm sure he's just busy and getting the orders out.
  9. Glad you got good use out of the Diablo at Irene Optoman. I like the new sights config. Sorry to hear about the batteries though. The WOC is cool but I'm feeling a bit of remorse seeing the AEGs again...they were just so pretty and unscathed!
  10. Just bead-blast or sand it, then hand polish it, and let it tarnish.
  11. Cool photos WatZ, nice choice of pistols too.
  12. Now that is a sweet piece of Airsoft Mike!
  13. Thanks Whan, I like the way your weapon is looking as well! Oddly familiar, almost like I've seen it somewhere before...LOL The Aimpoint clone is an M2, it just looks different because you typically never see them without the flip-up covers on.
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