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  1. Haha - that pun really made me smile Vids like this make me go hmmmm - maybe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZwJE-Sk4sc But then there are plenty more of these around... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRZoa7-R12Y http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/209117-airsoft-systems-gen3-ascu-and-ashu-review/ and that thread was pretty much the death of it for me. So yeh. From what i have read on various forums if you can manage to cram in the wiring and still manage to not destroy the very fragile sensor and switch assembly in the Hop unit then yes it will wor
  2. God the jealousy. I remember doing that with a market stall springer for a while - then the barrel fell off I want an m870 to fill the trauma.
  3. I Im afraid you cannot pre-order. Just keeping checking that link every 4 days or so until they have a more precise estimate. Or you could contact them on their facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/AirlabAirsoft?fref=ts ) and ask them nicely to set you one aside or take your money now via paypal and ship one straight away when they get in. very decent bunch of chaps from what i hear so that could be likely. In terms of shipping , i ordered my Chimera around 12:00 on a monday and i received it 9:30 on the tuesday - A.K.A bloody decent - but i live in the UK. Taking into account yo
  4. Which GBBR ? The Beta project conversion kit for the normal rifle - Shown here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_QojewZ_VU or the New WE MSK?
  5. Airlab ( probably the fastest shipping and one of the best internals suppliers) in the UK will have the Spectres in stock in 2 weeks time. Id go for one of them http://www.air-lab.co.uk/products/manufacturers/btc/btc-spectre-fet-for-v2.html If you want a Chimera MK2 , that will be quite a wait as they are on hold as far as production si concerned while the spectre is released,
  6. Blolbface - Not lying here but i way prefer yours. Alot more low profile and simpler design. I like my shotties plain and simple , not as if they have walked out of an alien invasion/ Ris orgy.
  7. To anyone browsing this thread and thinking " this is enough i should i buy one?" DO IT. With a stock Gearbox and a SHS High Torque Motor today running on a humble 9.6v , i got accused of using full auto inside buildings. Of course it was semi auto ( didnt use full auto once! ) - the combination of awesome trigger response and the hair trigger that the Chimera MK II and Spectre give you of the box amek semi ridiculously fast
  8. Right thats it - The sheer convenience of this means i am moving to HK at once. Also , didnt realsie that there was already an aftermarket TBB for this gun. A delicious steel offering from Laylax/Prometheus... http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/laylaxfirst-inner-barrel-for-marui-m870-tactical Of course at £35:00 for one , outfitting the whole gun will be an expensive venture. However, If you only had one barrel install it would be easy to see the performance gain/loss !
  9. I remember that there was a forum member on here whose signature states " ask me about my shotgun fetish " , and he had loads of awesome custom work done on the shell ejecting shotties by maruzen and marushin. My guess is that he is following this thread , and so mystery shotgun lover , do you have any plans to convert the TM M870 to HPA like you did with your custom spas 12 etc ? as a air hose through the grip would be more ideal than a stock tube gas tank! If anyone can remember this guys forum name it would be appreciated....he had some epic youtube test vids
  10. Posting like the big boys. Its been rear wired since the railed goodness , and obviously the only way to do that is by using a BTC Chimera. Well , thats what i told my wallet.
  11. If the trigger board is the same then i should be onto a winner ! High cycle BTC Spectre'd MP5 is in the pipeline.
  12. The MkII Chimera for the Version 2 GB gives a hair trigger with no modification at all , and i love this feature dearly ( has transformed the M4 ). Wondering about getting a specter for the MP5 , but does this give you a tiny trigger pull/hair trigger as well? thanks!
  13. I apologies for cluttering up this beautiful thread with my idiocy , but if anyone would like to inform me how to make a photo appear like all the big boys have done from photobucket it would be much appreciated. Ta.
  14. For those wondering about performance and looking for a detailed video/description , here is probably the best video around atm. And Maruis Claim of over 100 shots with a single charge of gas is certainly true , Khanseb manages around 114 on 3 shot mode!
  15. Thanks alot dude , sounds good !
  16. Holy Dancing Bears in Waistcoats that is wonderful ! is the AFG bolted on or tis there a section of rail ? and any tips on the stock tube conversion?
  17. Please buy more - i wanna see the pretty pictures
  18. Not ordered with WGC before, didnt really know their layout - may of missed something. Considering that the item price was still the same i thought i still had time. I bow to you blobface.
  19. I went on their website but it didnt give a button to preorder it ? is that true? how do you know? Thanks!
  20. cheers all...v tempted now. wallet has broken down however.
  21. Any issues fitting madbull rails onto LM4's akiraspeedstar ? thinking about getting one and want to know if my stuff can drop right on
  22. Rails are a tad fat in places but ill get over it ! Main plus of them for me is the fact that the rail is slim , and i can get my childish girly hands around it!
  23. The quality's great ! been skirmishing with it for a year and a half , not had a single issue. At £40 you cant go wrong...
  24. Just put the 12 Inch Madbull Omega on my M4. Now need more ris goodies
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