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  1. Im afraid not ! ill snap a couple more next time im there.
  2. Aye i shouldnt be. Some Viper kit is upper tat though, seen it fall apart on the skirmish fields ! If what you have works , why go for a more expensive equivalent. I have a mate with a WAS duty belt and he wishes it had the softness of the Viper ones. Each to their own though , dont want to attract any experts in the field.
  3. Begadi ( German retailer ) Lightweight plate carrier. Dummy Sapi's Warrior Triple Open Top M4 Pouch. Warrior Large Admin Panel Warrior Hydration Carrier Cant go wrong with a MSM patch either
  4. Nice and simple. Warrior Triple M4 Open Top Pouch ( with the leather innards- great retention) TMC Small Utility Tactical Tailor Double SMG Pouch ( Kydex Inserts) Warrior Pistol Mag Pouch ( Kydex insert) BlackHawk Serpa - Commander Style 1911 And heres the embarrassing bit.... Viper duty belt ! had it yonks and it works great though.
  5. Not me , but i guy at my local. Really nice kit with the brand new Pig plate carrier! Quality Chap too.
  6. My Tokyo Marui MEU. And sadly those are .22 Lr cases. I wish i could shoot .45!
  7. I thought these belong on a magpul catalogue... got a Madbull DD omega 12 inch coming on wed. its gonna change!
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