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  1. Our video introducing Airsoft Practical Shooting to some of our As de Trèfle friends. Special thanks to Ketchup for being there and getting this video out there
  2. Sorry, it's so boring I couldn't get past half the first one...please edit...we are far from "epic" here . Don't just throw your videos on this page without taking more time to work on them, this is the 93rd page of this thread and expectations rise
  3. Nice action thanks. I can't help noticing your flashy stocks and nozzles! Is it a legal requirement for airsofters in Portugal to have their replicas looking this way?
  4. Quick, super packaging, 100% recommended. WGC rules!
  5. Here's the video of our latest Zulu R-Soft Team squirmish event: "L'Hosto de la Mort III" - The Hospital of Death III! 30th september 2012 Pistols and pumps only 45 players Teams: As de Trèfle, Death Face, DeltaForce17, LGC, SealsTeam6, Wolf Co. & Zulu R-Soft Team Video: Ketchup (thx) - first time editing on Sony Vegas Please comment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUXBJO67iHk
  6. Thanks Jibbity! A well deserved thread for the guys at WGC! I've just placed my third order through them (a big one^^) and will give you feedback. For the previous orders they were extremely quick and prices are highly competitive. I was horrified when I got my first order because the box containing a TM Colt Python had been cut-out in many places!! But I realised they'd cut out the "Colt" logos on the box and even covered the logos on the gun with tape to avoid customs confiscating or destroying the item because lthe Colt licence is owned by Cybergun and TM has no authorization! Thx WGC.
  7. Another happy customer! +1 with Skintband
  8. The cinematography is just GREAT, music to match +1
  9. Great vid Eggle!! This is brilliant!! So good to see the kids skirmishing in the forest too , here in France the law doesn't allow it and prefers the kids to stay in front of the screen watching tv or doing God knows what else! Many thanks!
  10. This is great! Awsome building! Funny how some of these guys are asleep and you wake them up by shooting them! I dig the way that guy surprises you at 4.01mn (you can see the little cloud of gas as he hits you) Thx Pistols rule!
  11. So they KNOW that as a reccuring problem bur they don't REALLY try to prevent it do they? (yes I know...the warranty)
  12. Got it Phubar, not taking it personally Nice Mk23! I think FS could have first asked me to send it back to them to have a look at, instead when I contacted them the first question was what gas did you use?" as if they were actually expecting it or had the ready-made reason for the gun malfunctioning. Customer's unhappy: take the product back and then see what's up...better than just being told you used the wrong gas, take your 200€ gun and shove it. Still now we don't actually know for sure what damaged the gun! Over & out for good on this topic.
  13. 2 different retailers (including FS) Description 1. Marui MK23 non blow back pistol Supplied with case, LAM unit and silencer. Amazingly quiet gas pistol when silencer fitted. approx 320fps using American Eagle gas Marui make the best quality and relaible gas pistols on the Market, approx fps 260 on cybergun gas , spring, summer, autumn. 2. Widely employed by US Military Special Force division. Socom Mk23 is a powerful airsoft gun and well built. Taking HFC22 gas and achieving 330fps out of the box. " Gas Injected Pistol with Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode Innovative Hop-Up Thumb
  14. Phubar said "What you are asking is for the retailer to test every single pistol type and record their findings. " They don't need to do research, they just need to know and make sure their customers know and are fully satisfied and do not blame TM like I've been hearing at airsoft games lately. TM makes the ultimate pistols and deserves retailers to make sure the gun will used as it's been designed to. Pity people have to spend tons of cash to become "educated" but then again "in today's economic climate" people gotta make money! Loadout TM L96 + PDI internals (465 FPS) TM M14 + Gu
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