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  1. Quick!! Ehobbys got the creation inner slide in stock (1/7/2013) http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/creation-cnc-aluminum-inside-slide-for-marui-fn5-7-gbb.html
  2. they are hard to come by...I got mine from UNCo a while back and they sold out very quick. I would do the stock alarm at WGC,UNCo, and Global and wait to see if they get them back in stock. My longshot wishlist is for Guarder to come out with the inner slide, steel chamber and new version fiber reinforced frame set.
  3. like I said before, I have the creation slide installed in mine with RTV and it doesn't rattle one bit. In fact when I first did a "pre-install" without the RTV, I recall that it didn't have much of a play then.
  4. haha..figured as much...probably would have rip apart the gun and buy a new frame slide set
  5. yes thank you...I mean the plastic nozzle. Most of my gun is RTVed. If I need to ever take it apart, how difficult would taking the parts apart with the RTV glued in there?
  6. on my 5.7, I have the guarder ss barrel RTVed to the chamber, creation metal inner slide RTVed to the outer slide, blow back unit RTVed to the slide, and also the hammer assembly RTVed to the lower frame. My first guarder frame cracked at the two screw holes and now everything seems to stay put and no minute movement of any of these parts and no cracks that I can see. There's tremendous amount of jolt and stress that goes through this gun when it blows back and RTVing seems to do the trick. Only thing left that worries me is when the plastic blow back unit slams into the metal chamber, it make
  7. no just wondering wondering.....the aluminum barrels with holes enlarging etc. I'm just caught off guard about the non magnetic stainless steel. Got the gun when it first came out and just recently brought it back out...interesting gun...just "wondering" compared to aluminum outer barrels vs. stainless steel.
  8. interesting...was not aware of that. I wonder what the durabilty comparison is with aluminum?
  9. sorry to bring back an oldish thread and not sure if this has been addressed before but I have the threaded Guarder outer barrel and the 10mm to 14mm adapter thats on WGC says it's made of "stainless steel" and on Guarder's site it says "stainless". Well anyway I just put a magnet to both of them and neither sticks...I checked the magnet with other steel and it's ok. I never bothered to check before because it does very much look like stainless steel. What's up with this...???
  10. got mine today...the bezel came off pretty easily, but found lots of glue residues inside on the threads...2 typos on left side-"avoid exposur" and "emtted". Other side they spelled exposure correctly. Just to be cautious, before I loaded the batteries, I looked inside the unit but didn't really see any "tiny pin" that could possibly be of fragile nature. Just 2 coiled spring contacts as you would see in any flashlights.?? Swatman..can you point out this "pin" more precisely for us? (photo?) One thing that worries me a bit is the raised plastic part on the lid where the catch hooks onto to kee
  11. by any chance can we get a photo of this?...also my remedy for the two screw holes in the lower frame(Guarder) where the hammer assembly sits that broke on mine and had to "replace"with a new Guarder lower frame, now I silicone gasket the whole hammer assembly to the frame with the silicone surrounding the two screw holes. This i think prevents the hammer assembly from jarring from recoil and eventually cracking the screw holes. I did as advised in this thread the silicone in the hop chamber/outer/inner barrel now I might do the same to the FN15 part area also...this gun is becoming mostly sil
  12. just noticed on my guarder framed 5-7 that the hammer component was loose and noticed that the 2 screws holding it down weren't tight..so I gently tried to tighten them up and found that both screws turned freely without stopping(as though the threads were stripped) So I tooked them out saw that the threads on the screws were fine and took out the whole hammer component and found out the 2 female holes molded into the frame had cracked and on one of them the whole half just broke off. I don't think these guarder kits are any more "reinforced" than the marui ones, possibly even less. And mind y
  13. I'm wondering how much more these "fiber reinforced polymers" as they say that are used in KSC MP7s and MP9s are stronger than regular ABS?? There was another post somewhere a guy busted a part on the vertical grip of MP7 holding on to it and the weight of the gun breaking it?? These FRP must not be anywhere near the quality of the RS materials used in the RS MP7...Anyone with some knowledge of different polymers and FRPs shed some light or opinions about this?
  14. yes I got the guarder replacement slide and grip and everything fits just perfect...just as you would disassemble any gun just be careful to remember where everything came out of and don't let any springs go flying off. Only trying part of it was the taking out the rear sight and the gas chamber...the rear sight needs to be pryed from the rear of the sight fairly forcefully..it doesn't come out straight up...I used a small flathead screw driver at the bottom rear of the sight and pop it out. The gas chamber also didn't want to come out without a fight...what I did was insert four rounded tooth
  15. then why do Ready Fighter have this for the KWA: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_Enhanced_Loading_Muzzle_GBB_Ready_Fighter_Reinforced_Loading_Muzzle_for_KWA_MP7_only.htm And also since the KSC TAIWAN version is the newest addition to the MP7 line up, I'm just asking which nozzle does it have, the KSC Japan type or KWA type? Have this been covered before?
  16. sorry if this has been asked already but reading 58 pages takes a long time......which version (KSC or KWA Umarex) of the Ready Fighter reinforced nozzle/cylinder will fit the KSC Taiwan version. The Taiwan version has the KSC corp engraved on front of the foregrip. Also does the KSC Taiwan version having any nozzle/cylinder breakages? And when is the VFC suppressor coming out?
  17. holy carp! is this true on all the PGC kits? or is this an isolated case? I was considering getting this kit because the prime is way too expensive...can almost buy the real deal for that kinda of money and I already have the Guarder which I'm wasn't very impressed with the finishing. Maybe is it meant to be "force" threaded with the factory screws?
  18. why is it flawed? and what do mean by lack of threads?......
  19. hmmm...I wouldn't take on a contract for 500 pesos...unless it's a contract on a cockroach or something...
  20. you're looking for rail covers that say Knights Armament etc?..almost all the replicas have them, GB Tech, G&P, KA
  21. jimel, which metal kit is that? and did those grips come "stippeled"(?) like that or did you do that...
  22. carpandean...great detailed help...link to the dremel bit is awesome:)...thanks very much..just ordered the grips from Sig...
  23. have we came to any conclusion whether the RS factory grips(current model) will fit any(or all) of the airsoft frames? Or if it needs modding, what needs to be grinded?
  24. I agree with him...I was really looking forward to having an AG that looks right with the G36C and thought this would be it from the earlier thread on this. I really think they should've replicated the size and look of the real launcher for the HK416. No sale unless you come out with another one that's a little longer and sits up higher...and also how about some cool trademarks or serial numbers and things too...
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