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  1. I'd say guarder. However all 3 are very credible manufacturers
  2. It's a crusader one mate. HIGHLY recommended. Lovely bit of kit, weighs a reassuring ton.!
  3. It's built from the ground up mate. There isn't a base gun. However the receiver and hand guard are made by king arms.
  4. It is ever do slightly in the pic, that's because I took it off and put it back on without putting the washer back on. Oops.!
  5. LaRue tactical 5.56 marksmans rifle completely scratch built.
  6. What 'magpuls' if they are indeed magpuls are you using on your mags there mate? Been trying to find them for ages!!
  7. Them rail panels look awesome. Not sure whether to stipple the AFG and XTMs on my DMR...
  8. Well, a solid look into anodising for me today then
  9. ahh....also helpful as didnt realise there was after market stock bars...
  10. angry gun kit? am i showing signs of noobness? not heard of this, unless i have just didnt know what it was called!
  11. When will I be able to use the classifieds?

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    2. FireKnife


      Quite the opposite in fact, but hey that is for him to find out :P

    3. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      ...virgins you say?

    4. FireKnife


      No, and no going on about the fact there isn't 72 and all the rest...

  12. Nice review and good pictures. Looking at the compact as we speak.! Do you know of the gun is RS dimensions, so that it would fit into a serpa just fine?
  13. They certainly look nice...! But I'd have wanted perfect externals.! Good move on the flush for magazine, then co2 ones are goddamn fugly.! Put some pictures of your weatherin job up buddy?
  14. Thought about it myself. In black though. The beauty of having a sopmod, already loaded with mags I did find the scar to be surprisingly heavy, then again with an EGLM wasn't even funny!!
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