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  1. Years ago Christmas was about the kids and fAmillys getting together and laughing , chatting , catching up with each other . Presents were secondary to the celebration . You made do with what you had , Nowadays its all consumerised .., its about spending money , having the latest gadgets and watching tv .. The real soul of it all has been lost
  2. Rcg.org/articles/wcdcny.html Interesting reading .. Apparently jerimiah 10.2-3 Lev 18:3 Are some of the main points ..
  3. So you would rather celebrate a pagan tradition than a Christian one . As true christians are not supposed to celebrate New Years as dictated in the bible ..
  4. Christmas is a time to sit down , chill out and watch the kids faces as they open their presents ,and stare in wonder at the decorations , It may be stress full for adults but to see the happiness on your childrens faces and loved ones is priceless . So fireknife you would rather get rid of it , does that include all the public holidays associated with it as well . ?.
  5. My bugbear for the day . Schools going pc and not calling Christmas flaming Christmas anymore for fear of offending somebody . We live in a Christian country with a long tradition of being christians . ,now the pc crowd are even trying to make Christmas a dirty word .!! What next . Churches pulled down in case they offend someone ?? The lunatics have definitly taken control of the asylum. ,!!
  6. Tinkerton look on the bright side !! At least its not made of coke can Italian metal so you have something you can actually weld to !!
  7. The only real reason country's fight is because the shareholders of these massive arms company's will make wArs just to get a return on their investments . !! As said modern wArfare is going to be with the enemy within . All the nukes , drones , mechs are pointless when it comes to home grown terrorism .internal attacks from groups .
  8. Knowing our goverment they would cut corners / costs and use Chinese / cheap components. Which would lead to failure / malfunctions Also the probability of them being copied or cloned by other country's boffins would lead to every country having their version of them to use !! Thus creating an even bigger problem .. As said above . The human factor of in battle decision is always required as split second decisions sometimes have to be made in the heat of the moment to allow for outside forces / problems that can change anything .
  9. Take the humans out of the loop, give the machines an end state, say "achieve that" and stand back. Give a few to the police to stop high speed pursuits. That's good PR. Not if they have kids or innocent people in the car with them its not !!
  10. The cold would freeze the metals add an explosive heat of a bullet being fired on already very brittle metals and . What could possibly go wrong !!?? As for the drones they would have any operating signals jammed or disrupted by an emp or microwave . So would have to be self programmed . As loss of any means to control / communicate with them could be catastrophic
  11. Big problem would be muzzle force propelling anyone who fired them backwards at some velocity though. . And watching the gun weld itself together after a couple of shots . A microwave jammer would effectively neutralise any drones though . Mechs would be useless as targeting systems would make them easy targets on a battlefield . Not exactly the height of stealth !!
  12. Someone tell the guys at cod . Please. . !! I am sure they are using a ten year old to decide what weopons to bring into the game . Ghosts was the funniest , machine guns in space Aw weopon choice is just as bad . Mech suits . Jet packs , guns that never need reloading . They have totally lost the plot !!
  13. And even then don't , Coz remember " you can't handle the truth "
  14. There are. A good few more so called conspiracy theory's that have been proven or have way too much evidence to be just conspiracys Hills borough being one of them ! Ebola is also another that has way too much coming out about it to be dismissed Unfortuantly no one trusts goverments Or big businesses to tell the truth anymore !!
  15. Cod have flicked up big time with advanced warfare . Consoles freezing up . X boxes geting ridiculous load times , if it loads at all . 10 hrs + some have suffered . Spawn failure , glitches and consoles crashing and losing bonus weopon codes / dlc . Not to mention alienating most of the cod fans by going for a future fps . Guns that never need reloading , pulse weopons and to add insult to injury the weopons are so unbalanced that everyone is running around with the same two weopons as the rest are pretty useless . Defo a game for 12 year olds to play nowadays !!!
  16. Or refuse to take it back as a third party has messed with it by disassembling it to inspect what's wrong
  17. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=788821154518787&id=100001727293789 True . But you would expect this to be all over the news as well !!
  18. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=788636877870548&id=100001727293789 Here you go guys you decide !!
  19. I really hope this is a hoax and not true .!!! Madness !!
  20. Just saw the story about McDonald's in America . Unbeleivable . Worm meat , horse meat and human meat being served in their burgers !!! Apparently the main meat production plant and McDonald's meat distributors , restaurNts got investigated . In Oklahoma . 90 per cent of restaurants were using it !! Just unbelievable !!!!
  21. Dosnt change the fact that they broke the highwY code at every set of lights they stopped at by being in the marked off section for cyclists .
  22. Sat behind a marked patrol car today for 20 minutes of my journey between jobs . At every traffic light he stopped in the pushbike section and failed to indicate turning on at least 5 occasions . At those lights there were people next to them blatantly using their mobile phones ( held to ears . Also several cyclists jumped through red lights with a total disregard for the marked police car being there. Road laws in the uk are becoming a joke !! Soon it will just be a free for all as even the police don't enforce anything now!!
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