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  1. Pro Airsoft supplies give two years on g&g tt guns , landwarrior 18 months on them and a few others as well . Any warranty is intact if the shop does the upgrades / downgrade work . . It does look like the retailers are marking up dtw parts over here . But the usual mark up is to convert dollar markup to the same in pounds over here . So 75 dollars becomes 75 pounds by the time we get to buy stuff .
  2. I paid no pennies at all as I have two year warranty on a few of my guns , no parts , no labour to pay What a lovely feeling to have ! Upgrades are covered under warranty if fitted by the shop . What more could you ask for . As for dtw parts prices . Dtw motor 75quid , aeg motor 29. Quid . MOSFET board 100 quid ( dtw) MOSFET g&g20 quid . The big difference is that a 29 pound aeg motor will last a hell of a lot longer than a dtw motor , which means the next option is a ptw motor for reliability which then sends costs spiralling upwards. Same with the hop / barrel etc . As for my ot
  3. The same applies to ptw , you spend circa a grand on a gun that then needs waterproofing of the electrics , motor rewinds , a decent barrel and hop etc ( basicaly a visit to tackle bury to relieve you of more money ) The tw , dtw seem to follow the same road . Less initial outlay but the same inherant weaknesses . Its almost as if the manufacturers have planned for you to spend more money to make it reliable , accurate and waterproof to an acceptable degree . The parts are obscenely expensive for what they are Whereas you could buy a gen 3 g&g and get blowback , MOSFET , reliable int
  4. The interesting innovation when it finally arrives will be the gbox . From g&g . This does simulate charging handle , empty mag stop , mosfets , tightbore , tool less fps changes , barrel changes , motor changes for Rof changes . A truly modular system .. I know its not a 1/1size but I think other manufacturers will take note and possibly start incorporating the features into their guns in the future . .
  5. I agree with inq as well . Chimera , ASCu mosfets will give empty mag stop as well as amazing trigger response if teamed up with a neo motor and decent wiring . Tw are designed to be training weopons more than full on skirmish weopons . So fail for me on that aspect . Yes they are nice to look at and hold . But way too expensive to maintain and run on a regular reliable basis . With the dtw its almost like buying a systema in instalments . Are components made this weak as they know you will have to upgrade as you go along . If someone hits the market with a 1/1 external shell . That takes s
  6. I do the same nowadays, 2 year warranty the shop mends / upgrades under warrantyt and I get more play time. I have two years before I have to lift a finger to mend anything . Serious peace of mind .
  7. The recoil weight is stuck , probably just needs freeing up and lubing up . Am not familiar with the 416 version , but have mended a couple of g36 versions The weight seems to get stuck at one end and after a bit of silicone , / frog lube has been applied it seems to go back to normal . One I did was full of grit / mud that I had to remove before lubing .
  8. Still waiting for the g&g version to arrive with the gbox system
  9. Also a rewire to heavier gauge wiring can help massively in some guns , the battery can only deliver the higher ampage to the motor if the cabling can carry it .
  10. Yes fps stayed constant with the rubber change . Have also now fitted a 6.03 madbull tightbore to my gun which has narrowed the grouping down at range . The gun shoots laser straight at 60 Mtrs running 348 fps . Both my real sword 97 guns are ridiculously accurate . Basically if I aim at it I will hit it ..variance is 4fps max
  11. As in a picture of the helmet in my pants
  12. Tried to post up a picture of my helmet ! But it got moderated , got a few female replys though !!!lol
  13. Update to my 56.1 Still running flawlessly with no problems still my favourite gun for urban / cqb due to its indestructable build quality . Has picked up a few knocks and bumps but it just adds to its looks Definatly a gun that gets used and abused on the field and yet still soldiers on .
  14. Update to my type 97 . Have managed to fit short ris rails to the foregrip to enable me to fit a torch and laser unit to the gun . Has massively improved its short range cqb usability . My gun is still running flawlessly with no fps drops or consistency problems . Has had 3and a half years regular skirmishing with no faults at all . Mightily impressed by the sheer quality of these guns .
  15. Have now become a rift Airsoft member , this site is still the best run site I have encountered and membership is growing massively as obviously a lot of players think so as well . Definite 10 out of 10
  16. Am now using Lonex magazines ( flash mags ) easy mod to mags ( grind the corners to fit . They fit and feed flawlessly . , still my favourite gun at the moment , after 6 skirmishes not one fault or issue to report . These guns are built like tanks ...
  17. Today Arnies is working well for me , load up times are back to fast again . Yippee !
  18. Bb flight time is the biggest issue at longer ranges with tm guns . Especialy with heavier bbs , Trouble is once you open them up the tm pixie dust leaks out and the problems creep in .
  19. Still slow to load
  20. Same issues here as well
  21. All the g&g too techs have pretty good range on them nowadays due to their new green hop rubbers would expect at least 40/ 50 Mtrs out of it ..would love to see a back to back contest between the lct version and the lct / g&g internals version with regards to hop unit , barrel , gearbox and motors . The g&g is about 360 quid and I believe the lct one is marginally cheaper . But the g&g does have a longer warranty ( 2 years at pas) both the lct and lct / g&g look like very nice guns just curious to see who will be king of the castle in regards to internals etc ..
  22. isnt the kriss supposed to use the ns3 gas system whereas most other Kwa guns use the ns2 system . Is the valve part of that system ?
  23. Double post
  24. What I am defending is the initial quality of the product and parts used to construct it when new out of the box . Some guns justify their initial purchase price and some definatly do not .. None of my real sword guns have ever had any faults or issues at all , my oldest one is 4 yrs old and they all get skirmished at least twice a month . . Easily the best built guns available in the Airsoft world at present .
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