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  1. Yup - a solid "HIT, great shot mate!" Glad that NAE has got a bit better... See above posts RE: 50% Arnies Team in the south - could look at a bigger outing next year, and mostly for the camping and rum.
  2. How was the NAE? (Assume you went..) Haven't been for years because it devolved into angry groups of players shooting through hedges at other angry groups of players, neither hitting the other but all insisting that they hit the other.
  3. Sounds like an allergy more than anything else? Sling touching bareskin or thin base layer allowing for the vest/sling to rub through.
  4. The next 4 - 6 years of my career are focusing heavily on the 'Office' bit of officer.. chances to actually command anyone will be slim to none.
  5. Work have given me a laptop, docking station, new keyboard and two rather large screens for the desk. The screens are good to hide behind, the keyboard is almost silent to type with and the laptop means I can now work.. from home.. 🙌
  6. Delayed post, as I only really come on here during work hours.. 🙌 Had an epic day out to Longmoor on the 10th - great to put names to faces and a decent day out, still buzzing and set for the next one. I'd post a picture but hey, personal anonymity and all that. Anyone near the South that wants in?
  7. Never heard of them.. Googled.. they look very nice. I want two. I used to rock a pair of revolvers instead of a belt kit just for the effect. Need that back.
  8. I trust hip fire and "Get some" followed by "You want some? How 'bout you?" featured? If it didn't, have a word with yourself while watching Aliens, Predator and Commando on three screens simultaneously. I have post gym, cold showered, coffee in hand, puppy eating chew toy under my desk, car back from MOT, route planned to my dad's house to collect my last bit of airsoft kit (all dem plate carriers yo) and a crate of beers with my brother in law. Happy Friday.
  9. Background- I've never made it completely public to work that I play airsoft. It is somewhat of an underground activity in the military. Colonel: Hardcore, you're up for our input to Family's Day this year. I've heard of this airsoft stuff. I'd like a battle arena. Me: Ack that colonel, i've not a clue where to start with this. Will get on it immediately. *internal laughing* Additionally, JSP101 (Defence Writing - how to put things into army words) has been amended to include "Weasel Words". It forbids the use of management jargon like 'piece', 'sphere' and 'utilise'
  10. He got there mysteriously. Teleported maybe, but that adds another dimension or 12 to the tarmac empire.
  11. Big summer party on Saturday night - someone's guests were caught trying to leave wearing discarded fancy dress items. On closer inspection, they had also tried to make off with a pair of high heels and a clutch bag. My guest has had her raybans disappear - can only assume these little *fruitcage*ers have had them. And my local dog walking patch has a crop circle, complete with man-in-caravan charging £3 to go see it. He tried to claim a dog was his when the owner challenged him. Stealing a dog. *wheelbarrow*.
  12. And you've not rented/loaned your garden space to Arnies members because?... Sitting in the garden with wine is something I didn't appreciate that much until I had my own garden, not much better to unwind.
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