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  1. ForkTailedDevil

    Tokyo Marui Glock 34

    Anybody done any upgrading to these? I have one and got to use it at a milsim at the the weekend and quite liked the sights and extra sight radius but a longer barrel would have been appreciated.
  2. ForkTailedDevil

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    And largely I will defend them but surely it's better for them to build those things to t best spec. The Japanese market they cater too wants customisation options and the KAC rail is now so outdated for modern purposes. Why go out of way to make it so hard?
  3. ForkTailedDevil

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    So out of box I just can't put a real or normal airsofting spec rail system on this without adaptors and military spec stocks won't fit despite commercial spec nearly having died out in the real steel world. So disappointed. I'm sure the internals are fantastic but the problems with the upgradable of this put me right off. Same reason I'm getting rid of my SOCOM Recoil, wobbly barrels and other restrictions are driving me to consider a systema since I want a work bolt catch.
  4. ForkTailedDevil

    Glock Picture Thread

    Squad, you need to get that to me north of the border. Very nice.
  5. ForkTailedDevil

    Cybergun/VFC FNX-45

    Id love one but aside from the quality issues I hate not being able to get holster to fit them that dont cost nearly as much as the gun to acquire.
  6. ForkTailedDevil

    Pics of your Gear

    Some shiny trinkets D3CR in Kryptek Mandrake and Grey Ghost Gear pack in Mandrake too
  7. ForkTailedDevil

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Looks like molten aluminium... ouch on finding that out the hard way.
  8. ForkTailedDevil

    1911 Picture Thread

    Hurricane Kimber TLE II

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