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  1. sadigh

    G&G GTP-9

    That’s the safety, the mag release is on the trigger guard similar to the USP. What’s the mag and nozzle look like, any chance of some more detailed pics of those? From the stock images I’ve seen online, the nozzle and magazine gas route looks strikingly similar to the KSC/KWA G and ATP series
  2. sadigh

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    Tiredness I guess? Thought about something else, the TM mag has a long siphon tube attached to the inlet valve from bada bings magazine video. I wonder, is it possible to remove or cut this off to allow more liquid propellant in the magazine?
  3. sadigh

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    Nugent, are you sure about your calculation on the TM mag capacity? By the numbers you posted it holds 8 grams not 12...
  4. sadigh

    Cybergun/VFC FNX-45

    At the price point after cyber*insert nasty words here* have demanded they should have more profits due to their licensing gustappo it should be made from titanium. Nethertheless, bad design and functionality can't always be remedied by chucking steel or another better material choice into the mix. I've been watching this thread for some time, have to say the FNX looks superb - such a shame on its internals, more specifically, the ridiculous tolerances to get it to function.
  5. sadigh

    KJW M4

    Good point, would be easier to replace an o ring too since they are generally more readily avaliable. I wonder if a pistol (1911 or similar) piston lid kit would fit on the KJW bolt, may have to get one to test. Top effort Raven1, sounds like the KJW is the GBB of choice, will order one soon and post up reports as you have done soon!
  6. sadigh

    KJW M4

    Thing is, its a cup for a reason. Its there to form a seal in only one direction, that is, in direction towards the cup. This is for when the gas to expands, it puts pressure against the cup causing it to expand to form a tight seal. This aids efficiency on sending the bolt carrier group into the buffer tube shot after shot. Probably one of the reasons why this gun is so efficient on gas, since not alot is 'lost' from leaks in the system, where gas can escape.
  7. sadigh

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    WGC chrono the gun using 134a. Thats why its reading 350fps.
  8. sadigh


    folder full of nice beasties
  9. sadigh


    some things i want to do

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