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  1. All of the items below are now left, all now have postage costs included! Grab a bargain! 2 - SDS interceptor armour carrier and 4 x SDS double ammo pouches - £8  3 - Wyvern all arms vest - £8  4 - Warrior MOLLE vest, includes all that is pictured (including MOLLE holster) - £8
  2. PACA is sold! Everything else is still available, offer up, it needs to go!
  3. sadigh

    M249 para - moving house so this has to go!

    This has been sold elsewhere, please close
  4. sadigh

    G&G GTP-9

    That’s the safety, the mag release is on the trigger guard similar to the USP. What’s the mag and nozzle look like, any chance of some more detailed pics of those? From the stock images I’ve seen online, the nozzle and magazine gas route looks strikingly similar to the KSC/KWA G and ATP series
  5. Full PLCE webbing is SOLD! Everything else is still available, offer up!
  6. Disclaimer - all items do not include postage in their prices. This will be £5 per item. The PACA armour carrier and armour will cost £20 to post as it is heavy!! Please add 4% for PayPal. Sensible offers will be accepted!! Need this gone, it’s been sitting around unused for years - help me out please!! 1 - Full PLCE webbing set - £8 Includes water bottle pouch, 2 x utilities and 2 x double ammo pouches. Also includes a single ammo pouch. One of the double ammo pouches has a missing plastic retainer, however the velcro still is there. 2 - SDS interceptor armour carrier and 4 x SDS double ammo pouches - £8 3 - Wyvern all arms vest - £8 4 - Warrior MOLLE vest, includes all that is pictured (including MOLLE holster) - £8 5 - Genuine PACA plate carrier set - £60 Includes genuine PACA armour carrier, PACA Kevlar soft armour and PACA ceramic plates. This is all genuine real world ballistics rated armour, purchased at the war and peace show some time ago. All the serials match, as far as I know this is surplus and was bought as such. Sensible offers accepted!
  7. Asking price - £220 (without postage) Postage cost - £30 (It’s heavy!!) Condition - Used Accessories - See below Splits/swaps/part exchanges - Not to all, sorry Up for sale a very much looked after A&K m249 para. Owned by myself from new, includes the MAG box magazine as pictured. Was also painted by myself and has a lower RIS hand guard installed. Price also includes a Vapex 7.4 volt 1600mah 30c lipo battery that fits in the front RIS handguard under the barrel. Has been fitted with deans connectors. Also fitted with a m100 spring and a ball bearing spring guide, also has a mad bull shark red hop up rubber installed with the ‘biro’ tube mod to replace the hop up nub. Has got some good range for a support gun and I am sad to see it go, moving house and needs must! Does not include the original box magazine or original handguard. Buyer will need to prove they have a valid defence please (UKARA or similar)
  8. sadigh

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    Tiredness I guess? Thought about something else, the TM mag has a long siphon tube attached to the inlet valve from bada bings magazine video. I wonder, is it possible to remove or cut this off to allow more liquid propellant in the magazine?
  9. sadigh

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    Nugent, are you sure about your calculation on the TM mag capacity? By the numbers you posted it holds 8 grams not 12...
  10. sadigh

    Cybergun/VFC FNX-45

    At the price point after cyber*insert nasty words here* have demanded they should have more profits due to their licensing gustappo it should be made from titanium. Nethertheless, bad design and functionality can't always be remedied by chucking steel or another better material choice into the mix. I've been watching this thread for some time, have to say the FNX looks superb - such a shame on its internals, more specifically, the ridiculous tolerances to get it to function.
  11. sadigh

    KJW M4

    Good point, would be easier to replace an o ring too since they are generally more readily avaliable. I wonder if a pistol (1911 or similar) piston lid kit would fit on the KJW bolt, may have to get one to test. Top effort Raven1, sounds like the KJW is the GBB of choice, will order one soon and post up reports as you have done soon!

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