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  1. Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've done.
  2. ^^Damn that's nice and simple, I love that sort of gear
  3. So, these have been making me happy over the last couple days. Got myself a pair of corcoran jump boots in brown, and oh my are they pretty
  4. A counterstrike team I bet on just lost a game 16-0.....how the *fruitcage* do you get to be one of the top teams in the US, and be that *suitcase*
  5. Update to above - Accidentally stayed up all night playing CS:GO, *albartroth* Remembers he has an exam today, *Ubar*
  6. I'm *suitcase* at CS:GO - which makes me rage so I go play other games, but I then find I'm *suitcase* at those now too because I've been playing counterstrike
  7. See this annoys me - although we can shoot, it's really cost prohibitive
  8. How do semi auto shotguns work in this country? Does the magazine have to hold a certain amount or?
  9. Stunt, if we ever met, I feel like we'd get along just fine
  10. Running about lying to myself about being a super army navy seal SAS operator specialist makes me feel batter about my life
  11. Her friends still being a *Ubar* - I know have a can of old speckled hen to resolve my increasing anger
  12. To be fair, that would be great. I honestly just don't understand it? Why does the fact that someone likes someone of the same gender make them dirty/wrong? Why do people have so much difficulty grasping that gender does not *fruitcage* matter ugh - I honestly could do with a good skirmish right now to get all this anger out of my system EDIT - Update regarding threesomes, my girlfriend has said that she 'doesn't like sharing what's hers' *badger*s *fruitcage* twat *albartroth* *suitcase*
  13. Girlfriends best friend is getting narky about the fact that my girlfriend might be bisexual (she's kinda confused about the whole thing currently). This is made worse by the fact that the best friend is dating a devout, by the book catholic, who also believes it's wrong - And I'm *fruitcage* angry TL;DNR - Homophobia makes me want to go full *fruitcage* psycho on people.
  14. Someone grabbed this one of me a couple weeks ago - think I need to work on my arms if I'm people are gonna be taking pictures
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