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  1. fnc

    WE New SMG ?

    No detail just two photos...
  2. These two products were on-line production item let's take look some detail photos Classic slim~~ Magazine valve also have something different than old one Tiny adjustable hop-up Shell eject port much more like the real one It got 15mm dimension for "Hi-power" the name~~ My favorite position Field disassembly Test shooting... This item were on assembly for now . Comes to market will very soon. See you ~~
  3. As first video Its' show using GLOCK type magazine new SMG (or rifle)? but all the focus is finally coming MARK III The second video has more detail about out look ... Next week I guess I will show you guys more more photo and video ... LOL
  4. WE G series MOS type To be released from late February to mid March Hope everything runs smoothly..
  5. New frame was already ... G-17 Gen5 MOS G-19 Gen5 MOS The G-series MOS type final puzzle...
  6. Next week I will ask WE's CEO ... Maybe just maybe... take some video... LOL...
  7. WE's MOS G-series come with all new design nozzle.. And when these on market , except original sights on the pistol , also it will come with free higher sights like this...
  8. Left is original G-19 slide , MOS G-19 at right side Also the nozzle set , left is original , Mos is right side Just 2 coin higher different. kill WE's CEO many many brain .. LOL
  9. Because the Gen5 frame still mold , as fast as about one month , so keep patient If has any new information I'll as soon as possible tell you
  10. All WE's Co2 magazine are the same length as stand G - 17 magazine , Because insert Co2 cartridges are same size..
  11. Not only green gas , Co^2 also work very well let "country uncle" tell you...😁
  12. No ! should thank you for notice this detail information...
  13. Yes The WE's engineer show me the CG photo... and the frame mold was on it's way...
  14. These are WE officially released kit contents ... All of these are free gifts except the pistol 😁 😁 All of the G-MOS series factory already set stand sights free gifts include dummy red sight , four type red dot sight adapter , red dot sight screw , higher sights All G-series pistol already set adapter cover Take closer look the higher sights Tan color also contain
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