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  1. Until I get a silver barrel, this will have to do.
  2. what outer barrel did you use in your Springfield? I'm in the process of building my Springfield out of TM 1911, but haven't found a outer barrel yet. I'm thinking of a sliver one, but haven't found it at any retailers.
  3. MP5k is back in style.
  4. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...&module=gallery
  5. Redwolf is the only one that I'm aware of who calls the new tanaka midnight finish "midnight black". GnG simply calls it "midnight." It depends on the light and the background colors in the photos, and as pointed out, it has a bronze look under good light conditions. GnG's photos are fairly accurate. WGC's photo for the midnight gold is definitely wrong unless Tanaka makes a special midnight gold finish for WGC.
  6. I should probably stop buying revolvers.
  7. This might push you over the edge then.
  8. hehe, looks like just wasn't installed perfectly. Nice photos by the way. I think I still like the old midnight blue better. The new midnight gold has a bronze look to it.
  9. The grip on the old one doesn't seem to fit perfectly.
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