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  1. I thought you meant get an underfolding stock whoops...but side folding would still be more expensive
  2. Well to get a folding stock, you would also need to get an AK47s lower receiver. Just in case you didn't know... But I would do whatever feels best for you
  3. He does some really good custom work, and cut down alot of guns...I'm pretty sure his AK47s is a few pages back in this thread
  4. Ha, definatly reminds me of him just like his, very nice
  5. Date & Time But nice pics, the one with the 9mm kit looks good with the light
  6. Come on guys, with MOST airsoft guns it's hard to be original, even if they aren't Armalites. Grow up. I like it...it has what you need, and not useless stuff making it 5 pounds heavier.
  7. Agent47-Yes, it says he painted the AUG OD (very nice I might add ) And I doubt anyone cares what a pumpkin technically is...that doesn't take away from the fun
  8. I think it just looks bigger because of the angle..
  9. When I first saw mysticmeg's, I thought you had a STAR with a SUSAT then ditched the SUSAT ... And the law should be changed...remove the iron sights part, they look like sh*te
  10. Personally, M16s look bad with reddots...especially small ones Nice thermold mag though, I will be ordering one soon
  11. SPG...did you have to use that CYMA reddot?
  12. Is it just me or are all of ED-SkaR's pics the same? And L85s only look good with a SUSAT...(IMO, of course)
  13. DanHS-Does your first AK/Shotgun use pistol shot shells? And your second one is just a shell tube "Glock36" looks like Viscious V10's glock
  14. Because AK47s aren't the only 7.62 But really..." to each his own". And you have to admit that it would look MUCH worse if that had wood furniture
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