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  1. Just out of curiosity... with the VFC Surefire style lights, is the bulb part detachable/replaceable? It kinda reminds of an MP5 lighted forearm, in which you could swap the stock light out with any similar-threaded CR123A-using flashlight.
  2. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    ^ Nice. Is that a wraparound grip on there? Hm, Is anyone else excited about that TM G36K EBB? If I were fortunate enough to get my hands on one, I'd slap on an Eotech 551/557 on the top of the carry handle and call it a day.
  3. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    Wow, that looks great. Always$ thought the standard G36 mags looked good in SLs. Any plans for a scope?
  4. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    Let's. Same gun, non-grenadier setup:
  5. Hah, I'm pretty satisfied with my TM MP7 as a plinker. The GBB MP7s do look pretty awesome, though.
  6. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    Thanks ian. Yeah, I found out for myself a while back that some modification of the AG36 was needed to fit a G36K length barrel. The silencer on the MP7 is a SOCOMGEAR Outback silencer, the same one that comes with their MEU 1911 - Finally found a good application to use it in. Makes the already-quiet MP7 AEP pretty quiet too, as there is some actual foam inside it.
  7. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    Ha, can you take a guess? It's a... PS90 barrel. I personally think it looks pretty good as a G36K barrel length substitute, although you can't beat the genuine article ('specially when it looks as good as the G36K flash hider) I could replace it, but I've grown to like it so much I'll probably keep it on there for a while.
  8. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    Aw yea, got my CA36 body and MP7/MP7 sights... my H&K collection is almost done! I put the stock stock back on... wow, what a difference that made. Not only does the gun look better, but shouldering it seems a lot easier than with the M4 stock. Having the ability to fold the stock again is also a welcome feature, lol. I'm pretty satisfied with how the gun looks/handles now. Future plans include an ACOG+Docter w/ killflash, and maybe some SEF or FES selector decals.
  9. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    I think CA G36s are built fairly well for the most part, although I have seen some horror pics of the grip of a CA36C / lower of an AG36 shattered The things that are probably most known to break are the stock (crackage/snappage) and charging handle (snapping off when pulled too hard... I experienced this first hand, lol). They apparently fixed these problems with their new EBB 36C, though, which actually does look somewhat interesting. Anyone seen one of them in real life yet? I'm waiting for the EBB TM 36K myself, that recoil engine looked and sounded pretty impressive in that video.
  10. Very nice Nearly done with my own H&K collection... all I need is an H&K handgun to complete it. Those System 7 USPs look real nice, but I'm leaning towards the UHC VP70 for something "different" - I've got a feeling that I'll break and get an S7 USP in the future anyway Any of you guys have experience with this particular gun?
  11. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    Thanks, I'll try and find something similar. I'll probably get one of those killflashes for it too, as I always thought they looked pretty cool. For now, I'm just using an old Hurricane 553, which should do for now.
  12. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    Sweet. I used to have a mean CA36 myself a while back. Loved the gray color / texture of the CA bodies - Got a used one the way Ha Hedganian, yeah, I probably will have to. The AG36 is too awesome not too use (looks too damn mean with the grenade sights raised), so I'm gonna TRY and get more buff to be at least somewhat proficient in using it. "till then, still waiting on the MP7, CA36 body/handguard, might be placing an order for an ACOG+Doctor and MAYBE a Magpul ACS stock... we'll see. Oh btw Hed, what's the make of your ACOG+Doctor? I've been looking at that ebaybanned one... lo
  13. Great looking gun, Joe! Milspec-ish ARs are my favorite. Kinda makes me wanna get a Colt/FN Body.
  14. Lon

    G36 Picture Thread

    lol, can't wait to see it ^ SuperJesus, that's a clean looking K. CA? I for one actually like the M4 magwell conversion for the most part, but of course, the standard G36 mags are the best As for my own G36, I'm hoping to score myself an MP7/some MP7 sights soon for it soon. In all honesty, I'm thinking of replacing the AG36 in favor of a standard G36 handguard for a light assault-ish role, because good God... there's no way I can effectively skirmish a fully loaded AG36 (sight module, battery, grenade) in my current wimpy state. All the more reason to work out more, huh?
  15. Thanks James, that guide would be incredibly helpful. Looks like a 7.4v stick lipo would be near perfect for that compartment in the stock. What an amazing gun you have set up there... absolutely love the finish on the wood.
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