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  1. Anyone has tried the new shells ?
  2. Thanks for your feedback mate, there is a lot of tentation with this gun...
  3. Your feeling about this cuty ?
  4. So sexy those breacher ! Anyone who have an original grip with grips for a spare sell ?
  5. One of the best AK, I've ever seen !
  6. Really wonderful this East German P226 !
  7. Carom shot cartriges ? How it performs with the shels ?
  8. It's ok, I'm a TM870 owner's member ! @Alias my BB's are guarder 0.25, it's better but with some shells there is still some missfeed.
  9. Thank's for reply @Alias1983 ! I have fix my missfeed issues but now I've got a problem to reassembling the gun, when I'm puting back the hanguard, the pump's arms are catch by a little silver hook and I can't push the handguard/pump to is initial position on the magazine tube. Anyone knows how to fix this thing ? The piece who's catching the arms each time, is the little silver piece, wich is screwed on the body by a black screw, on this photo : I hope you have understood my question, that's diffcult for a frenchie ! Many thanks
  10. Hello guys, i'm on the way to buy this shotgun but the owner tells me that the gun have some missfeed issues, i have read some post about that, but I couldn't find them again. So I wanted to know if you have already see this kind of the problem's and what's their origine ? Many thanks for the answer Sorry for my poor english level I'm french...
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