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  1. Man I cant wait to see that thing painted up dude
  2. More people in this thread though
  3. This is a weapon thread, so Ill just post this here because I dont own any airsoft guns The Strider SMF and the Surefire U2 are my EDC. Pretty much the last flashlight and knife Ill ever buy the neocon likes my old P90 picture so much he used it in his sig without asking just to surprise me. I am flattered
  4. Hehe thanks blackgoat. My friend and I really, really want to make it out to France before too long. Guess we better save up extra booze money. I noticed they look better when wet in general, like when I took those pictures of the SnG in my Moroccan bowl thing. Ill try washing them next time, thanks for the tip man. IDK who else I could get info like that from lol I tired some different patches like IR flags on my hoodie, but I havent found any I like yet. I kinda liked the Crye dirka dirka patch but it's a bit too silly. Next Ill try multicam American flags. For now Im pa
  5. Those tags just look so goddamn cool, and they wont take them off the front page of their site. Must... resist... There is probably sometime they will come in real handy that I'm not smart enough to think of ETA: I'll keep the TAD stuff going with a non-cell phone pic of my TAD SMF and its sexy new lanyard
  6. Only if that *beep* is over 5 solar masses, biatch For your amusement, I give you insurgent ingenuity:
  7. What did you get the tags for? In case your Strider breaks?
  8. Wow that slide is *fruitcage* sweet
  9. Another nice set of pictures, Thomas!
  10. Lies, ME green is superior. Speaking if which, I finally found a pair of pants cool enough to go with my stealth jacket. Some Arcteryx LE/MIL pair. I'll post pics. Took me like a year to find some that were up to snuff. I had TAD force 10s but the fit is like street gang loose. I couldnt size down because Im a small. Hope they fix that with the next version because the construction is unparalleled
  11. Mercy if you get the 10th anniversary Stealth jacket Im going to take a *beep* on your lawn
  12. Wilcox is not a mount, it is a way of life
  13. The have a nice day patch is an in-theater made unit patch for SEAL Team 1. It does represent a real unit patch, only the real thing is white, not black.
  14. Real MEUs have slides ranging from SA Milspec, to SA Custom, to old Colt ones, to even Caspians. They are true frankenguns
  15. I once saw a Tanaka USPC a long time ago on Yahoo auctions Japan. It had a full-sized grip however. It was just a USP with a shorter barrel/slide that said "compact" on it. I still have the pictures somewhere, Ill see if I can post them later
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