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  1. So many nice knives, I'm overloaded. I really need to get myself a good knife just for having round the house, the couple I've got at the moment are either cheap *suitcase* or showing their age. Should probably look at getting a UK legal EDC knife but on that front it seems Spyderco is pretty much the only way to go for quality and I'm not really convinced by the style of their smaller knives, lack of grip and so on. That said they aren't thaaat expensive so I might pick one up to see if I'm wrong.
  2. I can see why it would be exempt as it stops people going "here's my gear" then spamming a few dozen pictures of each little piece of kit and then more from different angles just to pad their post count. The fact there's a lot of good chat that usually takes place in the picture threads which would be the kind of things you would talk about in the main General Discussion section does make it seem silly not to count them but hey ho.
  3. I assume the blowback is what seems to be designated by some shops as the Gen 2 RK 104, going to have to keep my eye out for a Gen 1.
  4. That looks well smart, not seen an AK done up like that before.
  5. Man I love Ivan. When I get an AK I will be making sure to keep to his ways.
  6. Also if you look between the second and third vertical pieces of scaffolding you can actually see the BBs flying on pretty much every pull. I like the number of shots but even if the mag was more solid I'm just not a fan of shotguns with mags like that. Guess it would probably be fairly complicated but to me the inside of the shell tube being so much wasted space is screaming out to be turned into a bizon style mag.
  7. I think I'm still going to hold on and see what variants come out and if any action is taken to fix some of the small issues, besides I should really get a new backup AEG first... ...but all these videos and pieces of information are great though sounds like overall it's a pretty awesome piece of kit.
  8. Yeah the mp40 in a tube is one of the potential ideas, the only iffy bit is my own technical abillity. You're right about the ageing, you certainly don't want to make it look 60 years old (unless you want a gun that looks like it had a really hard time of things) but a little bit of wear and tear on some of the edges really adds character.
  9. That grease gun is really nice. Very tempted to pick one up to try and make a Polish B?yskawica from it as it already has the vertical mag and tube body. I was considering using a Sten for the base but that would mean going in spinning the internals to face downwards and cutting a new magwell. Though that would be slightly more period accurate as the B?yskawica was at least partly made from original and copied Sten pieces, it would also be a tad more technical than just doing some cosmetic surgery to a grease gun. Before that of course I'm trying to fix the fire selector and safety
  10. Or build more of an actual magwell onto it to give it some protection. But yeah not whacking it is probably the best option.
  11. Aye us northern europeans would be well out of luck if it only worked at 40C.
  12. Hmm, well if someone wasn't wanting to actually hack the little pieces off the top (maybe one day you might want to try the rail out) you could try and make a thin piece of metal/wood/plastic to screw on that would atleast blend the mountings into the reciever and could perhaps have a small rear sight on it.
  13. Woah that looks great. *notes down idea for a few months time* I'm not really sure if the top rail would bother me or not. If it did would it be possible to remove the rail, cut it and put the bit with the rear sight back on, then fix up any bits which are left to hold the rail? Or by that stage would it just be easier to find suitable thin piece of metal to mount a sight on and screw that on instead...
  14. Yeah pretty much my thought too. Already blown up my budget for the next few months, maybe by the time places start getting more stock in I'll have scraped enough cash back together to consider getting it. Same thoughts on waiting for variants or mod kits too, the internals of this thing really do seem like "the shotgun I've always wanted" but seeing how things go with the externals will be interesting.
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