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  1. GHK M4 AAC flash hider RWA Samson Rainier Arms 12" rail MBUS Front sight AFG2 Tac Vector Optics 1.25-4.5 sight PTS Rainier arms Raptor charging handle MOE K pistol grip MOE Stock Still waiting on a larue mount for the sight and kill flash Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. CKinnerley how did you get hold of a primary arms sight? I didn't think they shipped outside the US Sent from my HTC One mini using Tapatalk
  3. I should have figured what those guys with "official marshal" jumpers were doing, I did wonder. I was at Longmoor for a completely different reason haha. How was it? I was quite impressed by the training area while I was there. Sent from my HTC One mini using Tapatalk
  4. anyone ever bought from http://gpairsoft-uk.com/ before? they seem oddly cheap prices to me

    1. steaktipz


      I had no problems buying from the US based site; it had the same exact layout as the UK one.


    2. PureSilver


      You might get smacked with shipping fees, since it's only the website that's .co.uk (the shop's in HK).

  5. Heyy! I'm not a noob... Look, see I can use smilies... Ok fair point. Do you mean the bit labelled "Airsoft *chaffinch* chat" because I thought I was posting there. I know Arnies isn't like zeroin but I still like looking at what people are selling, and I'm desperate to find a VFC 416 for sale somewhere. ps why is *chaffinch* on the swear filter?? o.0
  6. Hi, For some reason my post count isn't going up even though I am posting in several threads. Am I just posting in the wrong threads? which ones actually increase you count? thanks james
  7. Not much I know but, I "Short-sleeved" my S95 DPM shirt. Great for spring/summer skirmishes.
  8. How good is the ICS Galil? What is the mag compatibility REALLY like?

    1. cazboab


      The magazine compatibility is the same as the ICS AKs, which is to say, in theory, any ak mag should fit, but they might not all feed.

    2. judgeman


      The stock on mine just...fell off like the second week I had it. Then again I bought it from evike...

    3. JamesKACF


      Hmmmm. That........could be a problem.

  9. Anyone know how to fix WE High Capa mags?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FireKnife


      Sell them and buy some TM ones? :P


      But seriously what part is broken, give us a shout or put it in a thread as Hi-Capa mags are one of the few that I know all about :D

    3. renegadecow


      WE Hi-Crappa. Just guessing, it's either leaking like a sieve or the valve is light striking.

    4. JamesKACF


      Well a quick google and I think the problem is something to do with the floating valve? I think... I'm new to the GBB world.

      Basically after 1 or 2 shots no more BBs come out but the weapon still cycles (as in the slide goes back). But if I manually cock the pistol a BB will go into the chamber.

  10. ANyone know how to fix WE High Capa hags?

  11. The airsoft bootfair today was pretty good.

  12. The airsoft bootfair today was pretty good.

  13. The airsoft bootfair today was pretty good.

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