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  1. Finally took up a project I started a long time ago. The Webley MkVI revolver with Pritchard bayonet and detachable stock. I am almost done missing a screw for my modified RS grips, and most of all I would like to get hold of a bronze grip scale. The Idea was to create a good close combat system for the trench war of World War 1, it was really mostly a prototype and never produced in any large scale but still very iconic.
  2. But what a recoil : ) Almost worth it Is it the hopup house that blows up?
  3. Thanx Nonex! I knew I could rely on a ultra correct answer from you : ) So basically the muzzle indicates that the caliber should be closest to .44Mag I wonder if one could file down and repunch .44 instead of .50 .... (I know this is a lot of work for little reward with high risk of poor result, but still)
  4. Can anyone tell me the diameter of the muzzle on the WE desert eagle?
  5. Really liked that kit I have a RS shockwave Raptor grip that I love but it is only for Mossberg 500. Tried to find another but seems impossible here in Sweden. Is there not many modifications beside the bolt and barrel? The receiver and magtube?
  6. Haven't seen any but silverback made a pair of marpat laser grips. Boom arms got em. Is it ok w desert camo? Then I found some on eBay.
  7. It could definitely be done And I don't think 2-3 drill holes is a big deal if it is properly done. There is this one http://www.mateba-italy.com/en/Handguns-scope-mounts/Mateba/scope-mount-for-Autorevolver-6-unica-and-carabine-Grifone-44-mag/ Don't know how it works and the price is a bit steep. But you could probably modify a as mount.
  8. I like scales are they silver twill carbon fibre with some blue in them?
  9. Yojimbo Pingo with custom scales and Nilakka? Are they the real deal or copies? Nice collection I really like the look of the Yojimbo.
  10. Some dirty ol RS grips and a little dust and speckles and I think it is a good WW2 piece for the money I find it a little rattly but still very operational
  11. I don't think it is engraved it looks stamped. Which explains all the protrusion metal around the markings. If I look closely on mine and (I think you might even see it in the pics) there are square marks from the stamps. Probably that could be filed down a bit and make it more crisp. But stamping will always be a bit uneven. The KWC definitely has real deep and very sharp engravings. It is also interesting that they have not copied the Tokyo Marui like Bell but made them probably from a rs counterpart.
  12. Because you and Vietnammarine got a classic WW2 m1911a1 and we are on the topic of finishes I thought you might like to see a comparison? Since I got both : ) The bell is a bit thick and grainy with spots but looks dirty and gritty like a WW2 gun. I have filled in the markings a bit with ivory off-white. The Cerakote finish of the KWC is beautiful and the best parkerized look-a-like I have ever seen. The only thing is that it is almost too good to be real it might need some pittings rust spots and oil stains ; )
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