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  1. Cesare

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Chrome spray?
  2. Cesare

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    Wow that looks really promising in my opinion!!
  3. Cesare

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Really liked that kit I have a RS shockwave Raptor grip that I love but it is only for Mossberg 500. Tried to find another but seems impossible here in Sweden. Is there not many modifications beside the bolt and barrel? The receiver and magtube?
  4. Cesare

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    That looks really cool but more like a GBB rifle with working bolt. I don’t quite understand how the feeding would work though? It looks like a m2 sp even with the red details
  5. Cesare

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    I might 2 is One too many... Let me get some pics and I might send you a pm? (Btw for the record a Remington 1100 Receiver is basically a 870 in semiauto) But I believe the template is probably a 870
  6. Cesare

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    If anything it looks a bit like a Remington m1100 in 410ga with an extremely short stroke more suited for perhaps 22LR To me this makes it little better than your average Chinese toy gun in the toy store.
  7. Cesare

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    My educated guess goes to that this is a replica of the Mossberg 930 tactical. But the receiver looks truly horrible : ( Like a Cyma or golden eagle at best. I have 2 1100’s but no revision been looking for one but they seem to be quite rare. I guess Japan is the place to find one...
  8. Cesare

    WE G3

    Never realised it was a steel body but is it confirmed or assumed? I have seen the LCT body which looks very nice.
  9. Cesare

    WE G3

    There is already a blowback .177/4,5mm airgun version of the p-320, now with the US army contract the race is on among as-mfgs to be first out on the market I kind of dream of fitting the WE g3 in a LCT body please let that be possible!
  10. Cesare

    1911 Picture Thread

    Haven't seen any but silverback made a pair of marpat laser grips. Boom arms got em. Is it ok w desert camo? Then I found some on eBay.
  11. Cesare

    1911 Picture Thread

    Some dirty ol RS grips and a little dust and speckles and I think it is a good WW2 piece for the money I find it a little rattly but still very operational
  12. Cesare

    1911 Picture Thread

    I don't think it is engraved it looks stamped. Which explains all the protrusion metal around the markings. If I look closely on mine and (I think you might even see it in the pics) there are square marks from the stamps. Probably that could be filed down a bit and make it more crisp. But stamping will always be a bit uneven. The KWC definitely has real deep and very sharp engravings. It is also interesting that they have not copied the Tokyo Marui like Bell but made them probably from a rs counterpart.
  13. Cesare

    1911 Picture Thread

    Because you and Vietnammarine got a classic WW2 m1911a1 and we are on the topic of finishes I thought you might like to see a comparison? Since I got both : ) The bell is a bit thick and grainy with spots but looks dirty and gritty like a WW2 gun. I have filled in the markings a bit with ivory off-white. The Cerakote finish of the KWC is beautiful and the best parkerized look-a-like I have ever seen. The only thing is that it is almost too good to be real it might need some pittings rust spots and oil stains ; )
  14. Cesare

    1911 Picture Thread

    Is it not RS fit?
  15. Cesare

    1911 Picture Thread

    Will try to do a shoot video soon I find the finish on the Masfioso to be flawless every part is very well made. The bluing is smooth and rich and not grainy as the pics might mislead you too. The Ra-tech is a bit different I guess it has some sort of coating like Cerakote? It has a cool matte black non glare finish that I really like but it is a bit grainy and I cannot call I flawless I have considered having it professionally redone with proper sandblasting and recoating by a gunsmith. So finish on the Mafioso Kimber is a 9 of 10 since it is just a regular bluing and nothing special. But the metalwork and attention to details make it a very nice piece. Finish of the TRP is really cool but a bit sloppy they have been cutting corners on the finish a application of the coating which is a bit sad when it seems all other things seems to have been stepped up a notch in quality terms comparing to their earlier "all steel" guns.

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