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  1. Need to repaint my G36KA1 with the change in seasons.
  2. Tried out my CM045A for the first time. It was a massacre.
  3. Got my German kit wet. Wish the second pic weren't blurry otherwise it would have been perfect.
  4. Okay, purged it, warmed up the mag with a hair dryer, and got 35 shots with a full slide cycle. Interesting.
  5. How do I do that? I cut one coil off the valve spring in the cylinder and removed that incredibly stiff second recoil spring and saw slightly better performance but still *suitcase*.
  6. I picked up a Stark Arms for free from a friend who was cleaning out his gear room. Unfortunately propane/green gas is illegal here in Japan and performance on 134a is *suitcase*: Only 8 shots per mag fill. I'm trying to figure out a way to get it working. I know for a fact it isn't the metal slide, because WE Glocks perform fine on 134a here. Not sure if it's the recoil spring or valve that needs tweaking.
  7. The real LLM is much smaller than the Element or VFC repros (I'm using the Element). For the Germans it really depends on the user and how they have their optics/optics rail set up. KSK seems to prefer on top, Kampfschwimmer seems to prefer bottom, but they use a lower rail or an Aimpoint on a lower mount. KSK sticks to EoTechs that sit pretty high. If you think about it though, sticking the LLM on the bottom requires you to expose a little more of yourself when popping up from behind cover.
  8. Got a couple sweet pics of my German kit in green this time. Muggy day in the woods.
  9. They probably developed that due to a lack in magazine pouches.
  10. I feel like I'm the only one posting images in this thread lol
  11. Kampfretter kit (WIP) based off of a mix of Angel Thunder 2014/15 photos.
  12. I've just upgraded to a plate carrier. I love the look but carrying it to the field is a royal pain since I don't have a car. Replica Lindnerhof Taktik Gen V. It's designed to work with the Lindnerhof Taktik chest rigs, and since I have one I went ahead and attached it. The chest rig "extension" works by removing the front panel of the carrier, exposing the velcro where the cummerbunds are attached. The chest rigs have velcro on the inside and they just attach there. For a replica the material, color and stitching is nearly identical to the real thing. The quick release system ev
  13. Smocks have hoods and are intended for less than ideal weather; basically a parka with a boatload of pockets. Field jackets don't have a hood and function as a shirt.
  14. I'm actually a skinny guy myself. I have a smock in M that looks like a dress on me too lol. An S would probably fit better. What I've got in the pics is a Leo Koehler field jacket in S.
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