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Jg Stubby killer is out on RSOV.


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I always saw this as a gimmick AEG, but with out the trades it losses that quality. And the age old arguement of paying more for something when you can get a cheap clone raises its head again. I like the trades on the G&P one. This one could easily be made if you have a normal M4 and just buy the stock and front set.


I'd rather have the G&P one because of those silly trades, and I have three clone AEG's (A&K M249, cyma 47s and Jing Jong M4)

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I was tempted by this but I’m put off by the full stock, just loses some visual balance to me. Now, retractable stock (or folding commando version) and a mini-battery it would be in my “to buy” box instantly.


As it is, I’m now more interested in the Manga/Animie version JG have out now which appears to use this as a base but has a retractable stock the “Thunder Maul”.


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