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New Tanakas on Sanken


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(A New Work) Gasgun M327 M&P R8


(A New Work) Gasgun SAA 5_1/2 inch /BK / Gas Charging Cartridge version


(A New Work) Gas gun M500 3+1inch /BK / Gas Charging Cartridge version


(A New Work) Gasgun M36 3inch Steel-like Plating


(A New Work) M700 AICS Inner Silencer ver. /Green Stock +Scope (3-9x40)


(A New Work) Gasgun M870 SCATTERGUN 18inch Vang Comp Barrel


(Reproduction) Gasgun Model 38 Rifle



I'm still waiting for the Cassiopeia M29. It's interesting to see that they choose to do an 8 round .357 with the M&P R8, though.

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