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SY P226 GBB Review

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I'm currently in the market for a new GBB, and I am trying to decide between the metal SY P226 or the metal-slide KS USP. The USP is a good $20 more than the P226, but I haven't found any reviews of the P226 aside from initial ones. Can anyone who owns this gun tell me how it's performed in the long-term? How is gas consumption, feeding, et cetera?



Go for the KS.


The biggest Disappointment was that the Double Action was not working.


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If you want a GOOD MEU, get the KJW model, its CO2 ready, so if you run on green or propane it wont break any time soon :) not to mention CO2 mags will make it a good reliable sidearm in cold winters.


Dont know about sigs, but Guinnes already answered that :)

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