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Eotech 553 in Tan replica, M249 upper RAS, new WE Hi-Capa spawn


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Sorry if this is somewhat off-topic but, does anyone know if any form of LiPo battery can fit in the UBR Replica's proprietary buffer tube?



Yes, I also have the ACM UBR stock, which is made absolutely amazing, with all the markings included (also inside the small compartment) and after comparing it to my original CTR Magpul stock, there really are no quality differences at first sight (excpet thath they are two different models).


I can confirm that lipo can fit inside the UBR ACM buffer tube. There is only one thing ,you will have to remove the small cap at the end of teh buffer tube so you can access teh tamya connector and of course insert the Lipoly battery and you wont be able to fully close the stock, I have to collapse it to the second most closed position which is great (almost closed) and it is impossible to spot the lipo wires. It works great, since it requires absolutely no customizing (except fr a rear wiring) and modding.


I am using two FIrefox 11.1 1200Mah 12C lipos, the stick out of the stock for about a 1-2 centimeters, but I recently discovered that Kings Arms sells even smaller Lipos 11.1 1500mAH 16C, which would perfectly fit the buffer tube and not stick out at all, however I forgot where I saw them, you can find them on any bigger airsoft shop like WGC, RWC, Airs. GI etc..


Here is a pic, the battery cant be seen at all, teh stock fully closed but I do not recommend this since it can damage the cable on teh lipo: (sorry this is the wrong/old pic with front wiring, yo ucan see the tamya connector below the magpul rail covers. It doesnt amtter, like I said the stock with lipo in buffer tueb can be fully closed but I recomend that you collapse it to at least 2nd position to avoid causing damage to the battery/cables)





This is the Lipo I am using






And thanks for the Airsoft Park link, first time I hear of this shop, but it is also the first that has the UBR and other Magpul stock replicas available to public on their site.


Are they CHina/HK based or the US?

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Again, sorry if off-topic-ish but I hopefully plan to buy that stock.


Do you think that this LiPo would fit any better than the current one you are using, ninjaklan? (Kinda stupid I know as dimensions should be an easy thing but I just want to be sure >_<)




(Oh, and thank you for all the info you provided. It was very helpful to influence where my money is to go :P )

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Howdy all,


I just wanted to quickly up-date this thread. My Element CTR arrived from Airsoft Park. It took about two weeks. The stock is a handsome flat-black color and has no trademarks or other markings. Contrary to what I've heard about non-ICS stocks fitting on ICS guns this stock fit on just fine. It will not, however, lock in at the very first (closest to the receiver) setting on the six-position ICS buffer tube. The buffer locking thingy on the CTR works fabulously and really knocks out almost all of the stock rattle. When locked into place there is just a smidgeon of front-to-back movement. Maybe 2-3 mm of play. Overall, the stock is feels quite sturdy. Only a proper skirmish will tell for sure.



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I'm thinking of buying a black UBR and kryloning it brown. Any owners out there that could tell me how easy it is to take the stock apart so that i can take all the controls out so they don't get painted?



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A little too late to post perhaps? But that is the WE 7" clone, if said the original WE is trash than its a good idea to get the clone than! I did, LOL!


Surface are on the rough side, they covered it good with paints. Out of the 10 or dozen boxes they opened for me, all of them got mag leakages. Yeehaw! LOL



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Hey guys, I'm from a seperate forum. I talk with Airsoft Park regularly, and they still have all of their usual iems, they just cannot list it. Here is the list of things they still sell if anyone is interested.



Element MOE Handguard with rails Black/Tan/Dark Earth—32.99USD

Magpul Replica PTS CTR Stock-Black/Tan/OD w/ rubber butt plate(Note, comes with a friction lock) -45.99USD

Magpul Replica UBR Urban Battle Rifle Stock M4 Stock Black/OD- 85.99USD

Magpul M93 Replica Stock Black- 79.99USD

CTR Cheek Riser Black -9.99USD

M4 Motor Grip Black/Tan- 13.59USD

Element MIAD grip full kit-25.99USD

Magazine Ranger Floorplate for M4/M16 Single Pack Tan/Black- 3USD

Polymer PMAG 330rd Magazine for M4 M16 Black- 19.99USD

Polymer PMAG 150rd Magazine VN Type for M4 M16 Black - 19.99USD

Magpul Replica MBUS Back-Up Sight Set Black/Tan - 39.99USD


Thank you!


Pm me for pictures of anything.

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