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  1. Hey, I saw your kit on the navy seal thread. YOu wouldn't mind if you could give me your kitlist? I'm a huge admirer of yours.

  2. I can't believe the problem was with the plug, mine are working now. Only prblem with our headsets and PTTs was that we thought that EBB Icom plugs work with Midland G7 but they don't apparently. We swapped the ICOM plugs on our PTTs for ab it different ones that work on Midland G7 and everything is working fine now: 3x Comtacs mil-std plug, 1x Sordin, 3x Peltor PTT also new 3.5mm plug modded for Midland G7 and 1x Peltor PTT Kenwood plug also 3.5mm jack for Wouxun - everything workin superb now.
  3. As said at the end of my post, that question was for teh topic creator and about the madbull hop up chamber. I do the same and understand your post, however I would like to know if madbull chamber requires to shoot out those bbs stuck in the chamber (if I understood TC correctly) while pointing the muzzle down, before each NEW MAG CHANGE. If so its useless on teh field, if I need 1 minute just to swap the mag while 3 guys are advancing on me. Im sorry for the confussion, maybe I didnt understand what TC wrote correctly, just wanna do a double check. @uscmcoprs Also, whats an ENDEX?
  4. I have a CB Flyye RRV and my mate has one in Khaki and one also in CB, but havent had the issues with the PALS webbing row you mentioned. I guess they fixed it after you notified them (we ordered CB RRVs in May 09, one Khaki RRV in November 09).
  5. I dont quite understand, do you mean you point the muzzle at the ground and fire those bbs out before you store your gun away or do you have to do that for (before) each mag reload? If the first case, than its no problem, I always do that before storing my gun away, but if its for each mag reload, then it simply sucks. Sorry, question is for aznriptide859
  6. Flyye doesnt pay to noone my friend, it is the same thing as you would help promote your friends TAD Gear brand. I wont discuss the rightneous of Chinese reproduction, but this is bussiness and it is whats China has been doing for last 7 years in all aspects so get over it. People want Chinese products like this, its what buyers demand, so don't blame it all on companies. At least a decent brand is reproducting this backpack, not some fake low quality company and the Flyye's EDC (i have one myself) certainly meets the standards. TAD is priced at 300, flyye at around 150 (not sure) so it makes
  7. Sorry for a late reply, completely forgot about this one. I recently received a Wouxun which uses a Kenwood plug so I also took a Element Kenwood plug Peltor PTT and also received the new ACM Sordins. So I tried all the different combinations, Sordins on ICOM(G7) and Kewnoow(Wouxun) and same with Comtacs....no luck. Thanks for that link conger, I'll give it to my friend over the border in Bleiburg (he has no problems with his Comtacs) so he can translate it. I will go to some local shop here specialized for commercial/amateur comms, I already talked with them on the phone and they said it shou
  8. Hm, I've been having some problems with my new Comtacs. I bought 2x new version Comtacs gen2 with military plug and 2x Element Peltor PTT replica from EBB, for me nd my friend. We took the ICOM plug for oour Midland G7's. Well the db cut works fine on both headsets, although its just too sensitive - whenever I start shooting from my hip it shuts down grr. Anyway, the real problem seems to be in comms not working. 1. First problem and by far the most weird, the ICOM pins i got on my/both Peltor PTTs hardly fit inside Midland G7, they seem kinda longer than standard ones and what is
  9. nice guy, knows stuff and shares, which is good

  10. Jesus Squab, where did you get teh WA SCW? I have been looking for them for months, I want one real badly!
  11. My loose MEUSOC/MSOB kit @ night. I'm still building it Kitlist upon request. ..yea I know, the kneepads sux
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