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    Star Wars, model kits and guns, duh!
  1. I am a huge fan of the M14 and I wonder how come no one else make JAE stock other than KART. I hope Cyma will make M14 with JAE stock, I will get as many as I can if they do.
  2. Another one of my favourite rifle! Should get one when thy first pooped out, the price went up more than 50% last time I saw it advertised back home in Thailand. Darnit, 3 more years before I return home! B
  3. Maybe in a few months, I would like to pick up this M92 in silver finish. Tho WE have a lot of trashing but reports I read from a few forums suggested that upgrade TM parts can be used. Particularly on the hi-capa which I have used TM mags on. I have not personally done any mods on mine. I will know for sure in the coming weeks when I go to the airsoft capital of the world, HK! Ah, ok, so we got the full auto issues here! Temperature when I was shooting it last were kinda cold, came out of the aircon room. I will try again tonight to see if it happens again! I only wish its part of the fe
  4. I bought the M92F-L when I realised its TM compatible..., this means I can use aftermarket TM M9 upgrade parts! However, I find the TM mag to fit in far better than the original mag but I haven't buy the TM mag yet, waiting for the long mag but the shops I bought from said its always recommanded with TM mags. Can't argue with that! I think mine have to add grease in because the slides sounded like grinding whenever I pull the thing back. I find no reviews of my version online anywhere except one in another forum just complaining about the engrave markings whichis stupid. Last night w
  5. If that is the case, I certainly don't mind a newer one. However, it will be a pain in the rear to actually find one because every shop will claim their stocks are fresh from oven. I am getting to like this one more than the P90... B
  6. Typo on the above post. Should be "...they insisted I take the Bell Eg 728 latest version. I find no reason to hate or dislike that piece except that its isn't TM compatible...??? " Mine's "Springfield Armory". I think its only the older Bell 1911 with that flawed markings? Oh, for anyone who have problems with the leaky mag. This is an article that appeared on a magazine and a fuller, more detailed version here. I think the author took enough photos to illustrate the point across than reading it... because its in Thai and I can't read it too! http://www.siambbgun.com/board
  7. I wanted to get this because an airsoft magazine contributor here is Thailand written an article on DIY the flaws of this piece. And it doesn't cost a bomb. When I got to the shop which I always go to, they insisted I take the Bell Eg 728 latest version. I find no reason to hate or display that piece except that its isn't TM compatible...??? WTF? But I gotten to like 1911, I hated it before I bought it but now, I need to have another. And I am getting the R27 this time! But I thought of the silver one.... there is a diff in FPS for the black and silver.... strange! Somebody inthe UK
  8. Heh heh, I love G36 in any forms and definitely like that pic of the G36 in the fridge. IMO, I think the G36 is the prettiest assualt rifle on the planet. I wonder what the next version will look like if they, HK, that is, decides to upgrade or upgrade the looks? B
  9. I don't know what's the diff between the MEU or 1911 and 723 or 728 but I bought it because I read all problems were rid off in the latest upgraded offering of the 728 and it shoots over 300 fps OOB. I also chose this over the R27 which have leaky valves and some seals problem which can easily be fixed but I don't have the right tools and I am getting seriously lazy of late. I chose the 728 over the 723, still dunno what's the diff? Is it because of the tail? The 728 have a longer tail while the 723's tail is like a doberman! I like the full tail version. I am no fan of this gun, its
  10. I bought this AEG when I read all the good reviews and I just started to really like this design. Plus its original AEG at clone price! I haven't open up the gearbox but first day I took the piece back, I called the shop to exchange for another one because there were several hairline cracks around the screw areas on the surface. I was wishing that JLS will come up with an improved version of this gun because a few friends who have their Beretta RX4 AEG mentioned the plastic used were much better than the Fn2000 and matt. B
  11. My clone WE 5.1 does the full auto on me. My KS .45's fine so far, I am getting whatever parts I can on this babe. The best looking pistol IMO, sold out in most places here and the finishing's darn good. Can't wait for the USP Match to come out, er... clone ones that is! B
  12. Boxster

    G3 SAS

    I refrain from getting this because its plastic body. I wait until the metal one appears but so far, seems like the metal gas version will appear first. Even tho its fictional gun, I love it! I prefer these CQB AEG more than its full versions. B
  13. I like this, too bad no one imported any black versions of it to my area! B
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