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AMD-65 LCT review

salvioch (el minime)

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or the Hungarian via to ak,

come to photos of this new and interesting brand:







is made from solid (cnc made like the real one) and as you can see is a very solid and strong reply.




beginning to dismantle it,all seems like a mix between the VFC and inokatsu/G&G







dismantle it in about ten minutes without problems.

but come to the GB and hop up




the GB is clearly VFC, it surprised me


I think the hop up is always VFC (plastic) and the rubber seems to me to be too hard (changed immediately with a systema)




-convenience (really over the edge)

-weight (with battery and mag abuot 4 kg)



-cost (we are far more 350 euro)

-front-sight not too solid

-fuse is a little too annoying (to place a stylus battery I had to remove it):


all things are well met, I did not watch on cronobut we are about 330 fps,

I don't know you but for my was love at first sight!


I hope to be helpful!

sorry if my english is unperfect.

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Nice review! One of my teammates have one and I was really impressed with how nice and realistic it felt. He did have a problem with the HopUp seeming to have no affect and the mag not locking into the mag well properly. Did anyone else experience this? I guess it could be his mags. :mellow:

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I havent noticed any problems with mags locking into the mag well either, i'm using KA steel mags as i got the amd65 off marlowe not long ago :D love it! havent had the chance skirmish it yet or my new Inokatsu AK74m lol the KA mags need abit of lock tight or something on the pins that hold the mag internals in the shell as they pop out making it hard to get the mag out of the gun lol

But i have to say it has a good weight to it and seems very rock solid just need to losen up the stock button tho as its very stiff! Also i havent seen anyone with one here in NI so its also quite unique aswell :D

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Yep, the stiffness of the stock pin was the major issue I had with it in the review I wrote.


Slightly offtopic, but I can honestly say I had no issues with pins falling out of the magazine though...Do you mean the pins which hold the internals into the shell? :huh:

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Yep, the stiffness of the stock pin was the major issue I had with it in the review I wrote.


Slightly offtopic, but I can honestly say I had no issues with pins falling out of the magazine though...Do you mean the pins which hold the internals into the shell? :huh:



Yea thoses pins just abit lose but abit of thread lock should sort it out or clear nail varnish :D might test it out this saturday if i go skirmishing!

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No one uses the TM (I guess you meant the new 74MN) as a base for that here... With a Dboys/KLS AK and RS parts it's definitely cheaper, if you can source the parts and do the work.


As reference, a complete, deactivated AMD is under 200 eur.

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For some reason, Marlow's thread seems to have dissapeared. So I'll add to this one.


I got an LCT AMD-65 yesterday. First impressions were very good. G&P mags didn't fit instantly, but I filed down the front and now they fit fine. That's about where the good stuff ends. Most of the problems are related to the LCT gearbox they now seem to be issueing with these guns. Also though, the barrel was slightly at a tilt. Not wonky, but tilted, so lining up down the irons means you're not lining up with the ribs on the dust cover. Minor issue in my eyes. It's an AK varient, and it's not externally perfect. Well I dare say the real ones aren't either. On the other hand, it does make me wonder about a company that charges $400 for it's guns, and can't get the barrel to sit level.


Now, onto the gearbox problems. Firstly, upon dissasembly to install a new spring, I encountered a stumbling block. The fire selector gear that goes through the GB shell, was held in place by a philips head bolt. Didn't come out. Repeatedly didn't come out, despite me making sure I was useing the right driver. Then I managed to stip the bolt, which I personally refuse to take blame for. After 10 minutes of toil with some plyers I managed to get it out, and it's not going back in. It seemed to be held in place with some sort of epoxy. Not your normal threadlock, it was very close in aperance and texture to araldite. It held very firm too. Why they did this, I don't know. I can only assume they never wanted me to open this gearbox.


When I did finally get that out, and take the motor off, I released the ARL as is useual practice for me. Stop me having to struggle with a highly compressed spring when pulling the 2 halfs apart. This however, as I found out a few moments later, caused the tappet plate to sit down into a gap between the axle, and the lump on the gear that pulls the tappet plate back. I've never seen this happen before, didn't think it could. It seems that LCT are useing a slightly different gear, and slightly different tappet plate to normal setups, and so it happily jammed itself in that nice gap, and got distoted. The nozzle no longer moves, and I'm left with a gearbox that doens't fire, and if installed in the gun, could only be selected between safe and auto - or safe and semi, if that's how you left the selector plate before reassembly.


Now I'm guessing people are going to say I should learn how to dissasemble a gearbox before I start. I have been into many, many gearboxes before, and never had issues like this. The bolt was held in tighter than the material it was made from would allow for, and the tappet plate thing was just plain bizzar. Maby that was my fault, but I've tripped the ARL on every gearbox I've opened for the last 3 years. This is the first one I've ever seen do that before. So I squarely land all the blame here on LCT for replacing the wonderful VFC gearbox with their own sub-par creation. I'm not impressed. To be honest, I'd rather of had a CYMA gearbox like the original run of LCT guns.


Come next paycheque I may have decided to just buy a new GB to drop into this lovely (if wonky) shell. Or I may have summoned up the courage to attemt to salvage this one. Get it new gears, a new tappet plate and get the fire selector part I broke from a friends old scraped AK.



On a lighter note, I found the stock very positive. If you hold the button, and give the end of it a nudge with your shoulder, it goes nicely. The whole thing holds in place very securely as well.

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