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  1. Any chance there can be a 'inverted' skin at some point that has the background(s) black and the text being a greyish color? Easier on the eyes
  2. I thought the PBS 2/3 have the same shell as the PBS1. And are made for the 74.
  3. Wow great work Really digging the "Night Ops CQB" Upper
  4. Is that a real RIS II. Otherwise what AS company is making them with the hole for the A frame?
  5. What is this a RIS custody battle
  6. Im fairly sure that is the Flyye Logo. Not really unexpected to see them adopting more and more American style gear as time has gone on. I think he has all the tabs cut off his mags to be fitting them in shingles like that
  7. have u tried relocating the frag pouches to the open area on the left side and folding the bib down?
  8. Snowman do u have a picture with the can off? Bloot Clot that actually looks wicked with the UBR!
  9. Personal Opinion It looks cute but alot of that is lagniappe kit. You could reconfigure your 2nd line to hold the essential stuff from your belt then ditch the rest. Camelbak Hawg or Mule or whatever the basic load carrying one would hold all your stuff alot more securely than the SOTECH bag. PACA is worthless from a function standpoint, you are just going to overheat yourself. Helmet is worthless unless needed for safety reasons(indoors), it assists in overheating.
  10. Emdom still makes the CM Belt but its showing as constant backorder b/c each is made to order
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