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Seriously for a VIPER Pouch?


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I know some pay a lot for kit but this:




Fail on the shop owners behalf, how long til it is taken down :P



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Did I pay too much? I doubt it, because I hear the SAS use them, so that makes me 1337, and that is what matters.


Your forgetting GIGN, GSG9, SEALs, Delta, SASR, KCT and all the other groups that are so rocking that Viper kit, you know it is so worth £913 when they use it.


Seriously though, i bet the guy that bought them pointed out the cost issue, failing that it is that stupid thing that when you relist a Buy It Now eBay keeps the record of pouches sold etc.



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HA that's amazing! Seeing as we are selling awesome products, I have an Arnies only deal. ;)


I have a sweaty pair of very used tighty whiteys for sale, as issued to SF/SAS/Para's /EOD in Afghanistan, they were found under a bunk bed in Camp Bastion.


Has genuine stains from where the user dropped a slice of pizza on to it.


Only £999.99 including free shipping and includes surprise skid marks.


Please make the check out to:


Igitioluwotilaiye Lazarus Mcweaebo III


Nigerian Investment Groupings PLC




Picture of the underwear as it was found



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I think he meant 'toppings' :P


Amazing how many people make that mistake, i blame the Americans (only time i have seen Pizzas in 'flavours' was an American restaurant website).




Ohhh ... For a second I thought you brits were eating ice cream flavored pizza dough.



Ps: If any Pizza Hut employee is reading this, I own the copyright for ice cream flavored pizza dough :P

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Hi all, after being swamped with request for further information via PM about the Afghan underwear.


The pizza was bought from the ever famous Pizza Hut at Camp Bastion.




I have a very special photo for you potential investors out there.




A rare picture of the underpants in use and a picture of the very pizza which was eaten by "The parachuting-pilot commando" and my neghouris grandmother dog told me that this operator recently under the infamous "underwater wood wielding qualification"




Operator with his certificate of "Wood wielding" (Edited for PERSEC)



If you eat too much pizza even whilst wearing the underwear you may become the same as this guy:





I'm sure some Japanese kit head will pay me three times the retail value of the item. (If you saw those guys airsoft forums, its insane.)

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So did i, but seriously i am now immune to Lidl and Aldi food because of it, i can cook a whole weeks teas for the cost of a single Dominoes Pizza :P


Anyway back to the pouch, i really need one of these but i can't find one that is a decent enough price as for anything Viper over £10 seems too much.



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