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WE M&P40

Ivan le Fou

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A few pictures of the new GBB from WE, the M&P 40 will be commercialized under the name Military & Law Enforcement (M&LE).


Two versions will be available: normal and compact.


Removable back straps (bk, tan and pink so far). The normal version will come in two colors: Black and Tan.



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Magpul Dynamics fans rejoice!


Hopefully they'll add something resembling slide markings before it goes into full production but this is exciting! If it's consistent with WE's recent quality- I think we'll be seeing a nice supplant for the not-coming-until-2021-TM M&P.

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The real M&P 9 & 40 are identical externally. The .45 is the only caliber with front slide serrations.


That said, the magazine has fake witness holes numbered up to 17 , which makes it a copy of the 9mm. (The .40 holds 15 rounds.)

Also apparently, the production guns DO have 9mm marking on the barrel.

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