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  1. It seems you can. The review above has a video showing the various illumination modes: I don't know yet how efficient the IR laser and light are with NVGs though.
  2. A thorough review of the replica:
  3. PERST4, by Somogear, now available: https://www.somogear.com/product/somogear-perst-4-airsoft-aiming-laser-ir-designator/ Good thing: this is a replica. Bad thing: lots of things do not match the original PERST4. Such as the screws, size of the pressure pad, the "cuts" are not deep enough, etc...
  4. Turns out the plugs are proprietary. 😑
  5. PTS had made the announcement something like 18 months, or so, ago but remained silent since then. So, in the meantime, another replica (one of many to come I imagine) is now available on al*e*press. Said to have: -white light, constant, temp and strobe. -IR light. -IR laser. -green or red visible laser. Comes in either black or TAN. The body is said to be made of "nylon", but Japanese contacts who managed to already got their hands on it said it was more akin to some kind of resin (unless the meaning got lost in translation). The plugs are also "weird" and "too small to
  6. https://twitter.com/somogear/status/1417399483688656898/photo/1
  7. Had enough of my wobbly stock, so I slapped a skeleton instead. No wobbles, lighter (somehow), more comfortable (somehow) and no more obnoxious "push button" noises.
  8. Yeah, either that or MCBK. Too bad TMC didn't do more of these.
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