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  1. Homemade retention system inspired by the NERD by Kinetic Consulting.
  2. For those wondering about the stock:
  3. Ivan le Fou


    Such level of flexing should be labeled a hate crime!
  4. Damn, nice collection! I used to have a WA GSR. I kind of miss it now.
  5. It's the KJW one. An old one that came from the "slide + threaded outer barrel with markings" (which, unfortunately, came without the barrel) kit I found on unco.
  6. Quick question, and possibly a stupid one at that, about the 5KU VS24 handguard. In order to mount it you have to remove the front sight of the gun, right?
  7. I tried making an ADM: Or, at least, something that can be misconstrued as something looking like an ADM.
  8. Urban SCP/SDS (Super Death Squad) inspired set-up. Still working on the dummy ADM (Atomic Demolition Munition) that will be carried in the Hazard4 sling-bag.
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