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So I received 2 of the said items today.


External quality of the magazine is rather good.


The opening for the bulb on the magazine is quite big, I am afraid it could in theory get knocked off of its place with enough force.


BB spring is stronger than that of in my old style co2 magazine.


The co2 bulb piercing end seal is NAILON!! I wasted a whole co2 bulb because it didnt seal it pretty much at all.

I am currently working to fix this. I tried to put a o-ring of smaller size between co2 bulb and nailon seal, which worked otherwise perfectly(no hiss when capsule was thightened in the magazine), but didnt allow the pin to pierce the bulb properly which resulted in poor performance. I am going try tomorrow a thinner o-ring solution, which should work.


Other thing to mention is that the magazines co2 bulb alignment differs a little from that of in my KJW MEU. The bulb is a bit more towrds the forward of the muzzle end than the opening for it in the gun. This doesnt show up at all when inserting magazine, but requires pulling motion to get the magazine out of the gun. Probably fixable by simply sanding the magwell a little.


Will get pics and more proper info tomorrow.


Opinion of these so far:

A little dissappointed that the seal is nailon, but IF I can get these to work fine, I would be perfectly happy with these.

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Sorry to hear that the new magazines are not much of an improvement. But at least they look a bit better than the large base plate ones.


Instead of using an o-ring between the nylon seal and CO2 bulb, I use PTFE tape (plumber's tape, Teflon tape or whatever you call it):


Just wrap some around the top of the bulb. It's soft, so forms a pretty good seal.


Good luck getting the mags to work.

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M'thinks that ptfe tape in this case could be too soft. I managed to find a good sized o-ring, which turned out to work well.

The o-ring size that worked for me: 8mm OD, 6mm ID and 1mm in thickness. Needs just a tad bit of force to get the bulb pierced well.


I think these will actually turn out good, just add that o-ring and the mags should be perfect after that.





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I put a capsule in one of mines on Wed. I just (Sat. morning) shot two mags worth to test the new nineball rubber I installed and at the last shot it still felt plenty strong :)

No problem with the nylon base so far...

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These mags work great. I had forgotten one magazine with a full capsule in it a little after I made this topic. Now I remembered it and found it to be in full state and shot the magazine empty. It had been with me on the few winter games I have played this winter as filling for a mag puch.

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Well havent used them in a game since the last post. Will go play next saturday and I'll report back if there is any change to their state. I still have the one mag with co2 bulb in it that I forgot in my rig, shot a few times and no hissing as of yet.


Tried to remove the valve with a flat head, material is too soft and the valve is too tightly on.

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I guess its not but my mags are still perfect with zero leaks, though I do still use the o-rings on the bulb piercing cap connection.

Played indoors with these mags. With my somewhat upgraded MEU they shot every BB until the last one which was a sphhh, no sluggish shots, just the last one which used the last Co2 left in the magazine.

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My old style Co2 mags are having great difficulty firing more than 16-17 shots in current temperatures (it is rather chilly, but that's the point of using Co2 mags), and was looking at these as a permanent replacement.

So what is the verdict on these? Is it functionally better than its chunky predecessor, or does it just look more appealing?


Apologies for the dreadful necro.

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I had one mag out of 5 which kept leaking to the point that the whole mag was covered in ice.

Keep in mind, I have all my mags 3 years+ now, they're all old style mags. Don't skirm thàt much, but i do store my mags with the capsule in the mag.


I thought that leaky mag was a goner till I studied the structure a bit better and tried to turn the piercing cap with a HUGE flathead screwdriver.

And... well.. I fixed it. It was loose, as in REALLY loose. Now all my mags work perfectly.


What I do is grease all o-rings / rubbers with Guarder silicone grease and I've added a Lee precision mag shim for a tighter fit.

Every ... say 3-4 months, no problems.

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