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Funniest Airsoft-Related Videos Thread


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As simple as the title. 

What are the funniest videos (related to airsoft) that you know about?


Post em here!


Heres my first contribution


#1: Emerson Fast Helmet (KhanSeb Remix)





#2 Airsoftology KRISS Vector Disaster: 


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Magpul outtake vids might not be the most airsoft related,


hilarious as cupcakes


About as funny as watching the actual videos to be honest :P.


Some of the stuff they teach, I thought shooting was all about 'what works for you', not 'do this and don't dare question it' ;)


As for the Allo Allo themed game, why was I not there?



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FireKnife, have you actually watched any MD or are you just hating on it because, well you're you.


The entirety of Magpul Dynamics Art of the Tactical Handgun, all of the scenarios, drills and equipment sets that they did and while they say 'what works for you' it ends up like all training videos, they try to say 'what works for you' but it ends up as 'do this as we say so'. The only one that I have seen that felt friendly and encouraging to try other things was the Ruger Tactical Tips which are on Youtube. It is not hating on it, it is just watching it end up like a typical training video that teaches something specific without perhaps accounting for that fact that not everyone can use a 100-100 handgun stance or that some people prefer a jerk motion to presenting as it allows easier indexing.


Pretty much the entire ethos of Haley and Costa is 'what works for you'... 


Perhaps it is, but as said above what they teach seems like it just falls into the typical training video attitude of do this and make do. It is not exactly there fault (they could be a bit more welcoming personally, but that is just how they present themselves on the videos) as many training videos end up like this.


Either way I don't get the 'because you are you comment'? I am very welcoming of new ideas, I just don't get the whole 'everything is a real life scenario and must be done in full gear as it is cool' attitude that many traning vids seem to say.



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