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HTTPS is going to come in as default

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It appears that Apple and Google are pushing https as the default service for logins for services. As a result a lot of forums and websites are going to have to update. (source: https://blog.tapatalk.com/2017-the-year-of-https/ )


I've generated us a certificate and installed it, I've enabled SSL and it should work for everything. Please give it a go and let me know, you can find things at https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums .  Once it's been tested for a bit I'll move it to be the default for us all and enable it for Tapatalk as well.

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What does this mean for the non tech savvy troglodytes amongst us?


HTTPS is essentially a cool piece of tech which allows for better overall security by encrypting the connection between you and the website host. An "SSL Certificate" is assigned to the website by a certification authority (like google) which essentially says "If you can access this website over https, you know it's the correct website" - because without that certificate there's no quick proof it's them. Without a certificate, I could redirect you to a page I built to look like the one you meant to access. That's bad because you might share sensitive info trying to login etc.


The certificate holds a "public key" which matches up against the "private key" the CA holds; this allows the CA to verify the site.


Standard ISP logs don't catch the specific pages you're trying to access i.e. https://alexsporndungeon.com/bin/etc/goatporn/reallynastygoatporn.mp4 but instead just https://alexsporndungeon.com which in hindsight gives the game away anyway.


It's good stuff all round!

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