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I watched airsoftology unboxing of it earlier, wasn't too impressed.  Apparently they still put standard ak dust cover tab on gearbox despite it not opening up the same.  Had they made it with a new gearbox shell at least or anything else I'd look at it more positively (lack of any burst option as well is sad).  I've also heard they just used a standard 74 receiver on it.

Having had nothing but trouble with my RPK from them I'm staying well clear of this.

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Yeah, they've been the highlight at MOA and other shows late last year and this year (before all the cancellations).  The RPK-16 replica is the short barrel "assault" version (who knows if anyone will bother with the full length version).  LCT also been highlighting their 2020 gearbox update which for the most part is just qsc shell ignoring the ebb system (which they seem to be selling the qsc shells with first), alongside their zenitco replica parts.

Having still so much bad luck with my older rpk nv model, I'm not inclined for the modern adaptation till someone delivers one that performs better.

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