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9 hours ago, aznriptide859 said:

Doesn't Nov just rebrand *suitcase* and markup the price anyways? Lol

Not sure rebrand is quite the right term but his stuff is usually (always?) based on another manufacturers gun with some changes/upgrades made to the standard spec.

General opionion seems to be they're overpriced and overhyped for what they are, regardless I'm sure he'll sell enough P90s to have been worth his while but the Krytac looks like it could be fantastic and will no doubt take some of the sales he was hoping for.

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Looks being a subjective thing, but the Krytac looks so much nicer externally imo, probably not helped by the Novritsch being covered in tat in half of the photos but it appears it's a glued together clamshell with fake bolts and nuts like the Tokyo Marui whereas the Krytac looks like it is actually bolted together, I don't like the trigger on the Novritsch P90 either.

Nov website mentions coloured accessories coming soon so I'm guessing some of the target market is speedyboys.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah, hard to beat the classic look, and it has full markings unlike the Nov unit, and they've gone for the original upper instead of the WE style pic upper too which imo is the only one to go for, means you can even attach those hard-to-look-through ring sights if you want to. I do wonder if that link is legit, they make it sounds like you can still buy off them, £395, website updated in 2021, looks to be an updated version that doesn't use tritium and reflectors but LED and battery.

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