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"All Your Base"

Dmitri Kalashnikov

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Ok, after some late night work last night/this morning and more than half of today, I'm FINALLY caught up editing "All Your Base" to make it 100% legal. And, I've put it in its own new thread to avoid confusion, so you guys can all respond to it without conflicting with the old posts, and so on.


But Dmitri, all you did was change the backgrounds. What's so special about THIS version of "All Your Base"?, you may ask.


And I'll TELL you what's so darn special. See the images? Notice anything? That's right, color-shading! w00t! Now things look less 2D and more comic-ish. Also, don't the pictures seem a little different than before? That's because I redid panels that I personally thought turned out crappy (an artist is his own worst critic, after all).


Anyway, here's my holiday gift to all of my devoted fans and readers, with more on the way, I just need to rest a bit before I can add more. Give me a few days, since finals are this week...Yeesh...


And now for the moment you've all been waiting for:


"All Your Base", digitally remastered in Mammoth-vision!!!! Hoi hoi hoi hoi!!!





Forward i:



Forward ii:


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