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  1. Checking in after 2 or more years. It's a like a damn ghost town around here. How a mighty forum has fallen.
  2. I got the long version of that silencer in last week. Beware: it has a lot of movement when its on (as in around the flash hider, very little wobble if any). Overall its pretty good replica. Foam filled.
  3. Are the guys in multicam above DEA?
  4. Billy, was this in Kennesaw or around atlanta? I live in chattanooga I'm not very far from there and was looking for a good CQB place to play.
  5. Ungodly Corps. I hate you. But I love you deep down inside. Hayabusa- Looks fantastic as well!
  6. Gun and gear look fabulous Angel!!
  7. Seriously, are you that big of a tool and a *fruitcage*in troll to go around and correct peoples spelling/grammer? Roob, Gun looks good, brown, sage green, tan?
  8. You may have gotten bored, but that looks fantastic.
  9. Im gonna get the updates pictures up of it painted later. Thanks for the hook up scorpion. And thanks Bunny for the comment.
  10. Videa is SO funny. Thanks for the laugh.
  11. This already exists. Its under the "gear section" in general.
  12. Agree with you completely on the subject of PTWs.

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