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I am an Airsofter....



I am an airsofter.


Apparently that makes me several things.

1) A Sad loser with no life.


Well, I dunno about that one. I mean, it gets me out of the house to meet people with simlar interests, which is surely the point of any hobby

2) A wannabe soldier (AKA WALT)


I don't want to be a soldier, and I don't airsoft to pretend to be one. I'm playing a sport that simulates combat, so obviously some kit will show resemblance to that used by a soldier. I'd never join the army, simply because getting shot at and possibly killed doesn't really seem like the career choice for me.

3) Someone who doesn't respect the military.


Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm perfectly willing to admit that the idea of being ordered into battle is not for me, but I utterly respect those men and women of our armed services who put their lives on the line to give me the freedom I enjoy.

4) A virgin who's never kissed a girl


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so....user posted image




5) A gun nut.


Well.....I suppose I can concede that one, but only as far as airsoft goes. I certainly like replica guns, and if I had the oppotunity I'd probably own a real steel or two, but I certainly wouldn't go nuts over them.


I'm an airsofter, and I'm proud of that. I'm proud of the friendships I've made, the teams I belong to and the cameraderie that comes with that, the weight I've lost through playing, and the gear that I've collected.


I am an airsofter. Deal with it.


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Best. Blog. On. Arnies. Evarrr. Very true, in many ways (I wish I'd thought of it myself wink.gif ).


I would like to add to that list a rebuttal of the idea that lead to 1 and 5; the geeky aspect of it; and thats just an invitation to anyone considering airsoft sad to consider all other hobbies ever embarked upon as sad, especially football tongue.gif


Worshipping and idolising and ever-discussing grown men who actually get paid tens of thousands of £££ to play sport - i.e. they are just doing their job? I think that is very `sad` by the same standard.


I don't mind it myself at all, but anything can be considered both positive and negative, introvert or extrovert, sociable or anti-social, it depends on who is talking, and whether they are worth listening to wink.gif

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I agree with Evilhippy: Best blog update I've seen in a long time (no offence EH tongue.gif )


The above is the answer that I really want to shove under the noses of every user on ARRSES and lightfighter tactical who has been having a go at us as a community, but then again they wouldn't listen so what's the point? At least we know wink.gif





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I see now that this has come from the `most famous thread` on ARSSES ever....


Check my entry on that theread now folks, I'll be interested to see the reply (I can guess it'll totally ignore my actual points, and focus instead on how much I enjoy LARPing with my beardy sad friends and have never kissed a girl (despite the horrific state of said girl in most cases, I'm sure laugh.gif ) ......

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Good entry BTW. Very true.


H_M I can see where the LF Tac guys come from. Thier forum is suppsed to be for people who actually put thier life on the line, not "Armchair Commandos." As a general rule of thumb they dont see the positive sides of airsoft. All they see is the people who spam thier forums. I am one of thoes airsofters on there, but they are not hostile twords me because I am respectful and I think out my posts. Havoc also is on there and is "well liked" because he follows the rules and is respectful wink.gif



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So untill i meet "the one" i'm doomed to be an airsofter for ever?


YAY! smile.gif



You are also doomed to DPM addiction for ever. And when you do find the one you will be strangely attracted to US kit tongue.gif

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