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  1. My team at the mall in reading
  2. Yeah hmm might be the trigger guard too big.
  3. 1st one is a replica streamlight m6 2nd is a G&G m3
  4. a quick question for all of you.. which torch looks best on my KWA g19.
  5. It seems silly to spend all that money on a real mich then go and buy fake comtacs. sorry for the photo with gun in view... My protec
  6. in your action photo is that magpull flick reload?
  7. does it reach your knees? what make belt is that?
  8. 100% buddy yeah its element copy but i must say they are feckin amazing copys and its not sprayed as i havent got round round to it there is also a torch sitting about that needs to be painted aswell. J-rock 14 what on earth possesed you to take to a helmet with a sharpie ?
  9. Newly painted by team mate hope you enjoy.
  10. loving the protec Highspeed1 i want protecs to be used more as they are such comfy helmets.
  11. Thanks that is not even the entire team still got 7 more in the team
  12. my rig is original phantom have owned it for around 2 years i thought that phantom and pantac is reasonably upmarket looking at all these chinese copies that i am seeing xander.p
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