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    june 2005
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    none...yet, want star l85a2, full metal beretta and lots of camo stuff...and groovy face mask
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    United Kingdom

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    west sussex
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    airsoft (trying to get gun), computer building programming and gaming........TV
  1. K@L@SH

    I want me some fun!

    d'you think he's compensation for some thing?
  2. K@L@SH

    captions are fun...

    (1st Person) "i dont think they see me"
  3. LOOK OUT!!! he has a gun.....nope just going for a p.....
  4. the police get an upgrade in technologies
  5. K@L@SH


    can my luck get any worse?...oh wait yes, im a hostage
  6. K@L@SH


    sorry!!! I didnt realise that was your burger...I also didnt meant to shoot it whilst you were eating it...and I also didnt mean to keep shooting, just dont shoot me with that over sized novelty pen launcher!!!
  7. K@L@SH

    paul w crazy hat.jpg

    just plain and simply...oh dear
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