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Hohne, Germany, immediately after the closing ceremony at Exercise Cop Shoot in 1993... go on, make it funny!

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Bloody Northern Plod. They get to swan around in their Imprezzas and look what we have to drive around in. This dump. How the hell are we supposed to catch anything in this piece of ######? I tell you, no wonder crime rates are soaring....

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"Why Pimp My Ride needs to come to Europe."


If you dont know what that is:


It's a show where MTV takes crappy cars and turns them into $30,000 crappy cars by adding tvs, stereos, tires, rims, paint, and interrior.

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Generally, being in the Military Police was a rewarding job with great prospects. Driving a beat-up Ford Escort always hindered John's chances of pulling at the NAAFI though.

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