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  1. I think the Sights could be monkeyed with, but failing that, WHY would a metal frame be a good thing for something that on the real gun is Polymer/Plastic?
  2. Hmm. Arigato Matrix-san. That looks like one of the more complex ones from Marui.. if not the most complex design from them. Looking at that recoil system.. that is almost a blow-back design rather than a Browning.. I wonder if this thing should be more accurate than a 5.1 or their Glock 17. I don't think it can be as accurate as their DE (new).. owing to the fixed barrel.
  3. I am actually disappointed to hear that they have used two barrels for it... a 1 piece barrel would have made more sense easily! Any shots of the manual/exploded diagram (for my own pervy interest ... )
  4. oh god.. what am best gun/1911. ok.. go and look at places like: rsov.com gunnerairsoft.com to LOOK at things like the MEU. http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/screens/526...rends/38402.jpg is that what you are after? If you want something like that, you can get the MEU and then some standard GI grips as well.\ failing that Tercel make an apparently good one. AND check the user reviews in these forums.
  5. Did 'golf-balling' (dimpling.. I know. but the first sounds funnier) give you some hairy moments? Was it done via a drill and a clamp pusing the frame towards it? looks nice anywho
  6. after looking at those pics, I suspect why TM did not go 'wood', or even do something similar to their standard AK47 grips, is because of the location of the battery - I think that they are trying to give it extra protection/minimising particles and water from entry at the front.
  7. Very nice looker. It looks great with furniture changes rather than optical changes. Got a pearly question for you. What is the likely-hood of that being semi-only-able?
  8. Well, if you just happen to be passing by, stop in with yours and we can pull them apart! <chuckle> The slide stop will be out, the recoil rod is out, the spring may fit. The hammer may. The beaver tail. The MSH may fit. Grips. Hmm.
  9. Mate, have you a M945 handy? That magazine looks rather similar to the M945 one, which 'apparently' holds one more at 15+1. In practice it is more like 14, as it is rather hard to force the magazine home with 15rds inserted. Failing that, there are a couple of reviews on Mark's site.. ermm. Snowman. Nice to see that KSC logo.. chuckle. Under the same place on the M945 as well.
  10. Wege


    When you say 'old cohorts'.. you mean chaps from here such as and the like? Or even older gas-lovers such as DumboRat or even OLDER stuff such as from AirsoftZone? If so, great that more details are still going to be available.
  11. Wege

    The end is nigh...

    that is what I am having to do at the moment.. review guns of other people.. I mean.. that was how I got that 1911 duel one. It is a good route to go via, Snowman. Try to see if you can get the gear that is over a year old, and ask for problems/solves as well.
  12. Wege

    Where do they go?

    Have not a clue as well. I too notice the lack of them.. don't see antagon over on ASR too. Don't forget mr D.Rat too. It sort of seems as though it happens when forums change or get hacked or ... *gasp* real life*gasp* intervenes.
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