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  1. What mug sold it to you for such a low price There's going to be some more super guns going up for sale in the next few days....all brand new, and all at amazing prices....Vipertech, Inokatsu, PTS MKM, Vector(s), VFC HK416 M27 IAR.....and much much more
  2. The best UK price is currently at that place we love to hate, yep, you got it, Special Airsoft Supplies.....nah, just kidding, best price is at the other place we love to hate.....Fire-Support.
  3. Or if you want a Recoil AEG, what about the PTS RM4 ERG.....it has the recoil system and stops firing on the last round due to the magazines, but is also compatible (without an adaptor) with standard AEG magazines......has a quick change spring system so you can modify your FPS as you want it.....the cost is comparible to a Top Tech Gen3 AEG.
  4. #sigh#....another trip to the Scarlet Wolverine, another round of marital abuse....my life is becoming so predictable....
  5. I agree with dropping the 100 post block. For a start, do you all honestly believe there is some secret barrier to being a member of Armies as well as Zero In?!? I'd imagine that 80% of Armies UK members also frequent Zero In....I think the thing that keeps Armies "honest" is the fact that it is an international site, unlike Z-in. Its not just the sales section of Armies that's dead, everything here just seems stale compared to back in the day.....and let's not even mention the void that is GasGunsinfo..... Zero In, while it has many hang ups, is a lively and vibrant place....so th
  6. It's scaremongering, Milspecsolutions is openly selling them in the UK for £360. Just contact Iain to sort you out.
  7. I pretty much agree with everything NonEx states. I picked up a black version, even though I ordered Tan.....oh well. I don't think that WE has significantly raised their game on this product, and while nothing to do with the gun itself, the poor advertising and associated controversy of this guns existence (at least in the UK) has left me slightly cold. I have no intention of skirmishing this rifle, so things like accuracy / gas economy are of little real importance. As a collection piece it's OK for the price. I will always give WE credit for making guns that other producers seem to
  8. ....but sometimes, getting your pants pulled down is for the best...
  9. I'm going to apologise for this long post. The quick answer is, I don't know. The long answer is, I think the DTW barrel thread is real spec. My reason: For some obscure reason, I swapped out my WE GBBR CQBR Delta ring and put it on my DTW. I then realised I wanted to keep the D ring on my WE but didn't want to take it off the DTW. I couldn't find anyone who could provide a spare WE D-ring......so, I took the plunge and bought a real steel D-ring which I fitted to my WE with no problems. There you go.
  10. Standard AEG CCW Flash hiders work on a DTW. Saying that, standard AEG CW flash hiders seem to work on PTW barrels
  11. You're still waiting for that vaporware???
  12. No, just buy one, you can actually use full auto to your hearts content.....kinda like a real rifle, and you can use it in moist weather conditions as well.....Seriously however, obviously the features you're talking about are important to you, so perhaps the TW platform is the correct choice for you, and any inherent issues with ownership are justified by the addition of those features..... Yes you will, and at that point you'll be faced with a significant choice, do I repair the part using a standard DTW part, or (depending on why it failed in the first place) do I upgrade and use a
  13. First up, do some research on those points, and secondly, think about the bigger picture. I'm not talking about GBBR because they are made for a different type of player, who understands the value and need to constantly maintain a rifle for use. I'm really comparing AEG and TW, and specifically for airsoft game play. Now, I know of one guy (a player friend of mine) who had his DTW for less than an hour, only to see it fail to fire and the electronics not function.....I saw this with my own eyes. The reports about CTW's spending more time in repair than out on the field is legendary....and I'm
  14. OK, if you want a better product for airsoft here's a quick candidate: G&G COMBAT MACHINE. It's cheaper, highly upgradeable, robust and with an immense parts availability both from G&G and after market it's 100% easier to maintain. Doesn't have any gimmicky features that are prone to failure anyway, but in place of quick switch out fps, and cease fire on last round it offers game after game of full auto fire. A worthwhile trade off.... Happy now?
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