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  1. KWA are the OEM, but the product belongs to PTS, so regardless of who actually makes it, the company with its name and logo plastered all over it have a logical vested interest in making sure it's viable to its customers. Something as fundamental as fps should be something PTS has a say in!
  2. Well, let's consider for a second that he did buy it in person, and what if the seller revealed that the gun fired above 350fps (usual UK limit)....his options become buy it anyway, or walk away. Is this the only business choice that PTS wants to provide its UK customer base? I recognise that the UK may / may not be the be all and end all for most airsoft manufacturers, but a sale is a sale. The least PTS could do would be to create downgrade kits.....you guys are missing a trick here.
  3. It doesn't need protecting from the rain....
  4. What mug sold it to you for such a low price There's going to be some more super guns going up for sale in the next few days....all brand new, and all at amazing prices....Vipertech, Inokatsu, PTS MKM, Vector(s), VFC HK416 M27 IAR.....and much much more
  5. I wonder if the MKM upper would fit on a standard LM4?
  6. The upper bodies on both the RM4 and the Mega Arms MKM are single piece designs. A welcome departure from the standard LM4 KWA bodies.
  7. I'm giddy like a licking stick!!!! With regards to how hard the recoil action looks.....if I'm honest none of the guns (even GBBRs) look to have much recoil when you see it on a video....I think you can only judge these things with hands on experience. The great thing is, with so many companies releasing their version, the competition will be fierce as they fight for market share! Which will mean, I hope, stronger and stronger recoil! More models, and most importantly, prices will come down.....awesome prospects!
  8. yes Lonex and I was hit with auto correct..... I love the engraved (stamped) body that Lonex has gone with.....its a nicer logo than the KWA in white. I'm just happy to see more companies go the recoil route for their AEG's, before long companies like G&G, ICS, G&P etc will either have to do something else or get out, because buying a standard AEG right now doesn't seem like a great way to spend money. If I'm honest the KWA rear wired isn't on my shopping list because of the nasty trades....the PTS Mega ARMs and Olympic Arms (I think that's right)....if both rear wired, are on
  9. Newsflash: Airsoft GI has just posted up on YouTube a sneak peak at the new Lonex (bloody auto correct) Recoil M4.....the revolution has begun!! Can't wait to see how it compares to the KWA...
  10. How many rnds have you guys run through your guns so far? Also, how is the paint work holding up?
  11. had to use something other than Frog lube.... But got it in. I'll see how it runs over the weekend, if its not great I'll try the G&G Green and we how that goes.
  12. So....went through two Guarder hop rubbers trying to get them to fit in the hop unit.....never again....
  13. Seriously? Accurate to 60m, with just a hop rubber? Damn....maybe I need to invest and try it.
  14. How many rounds did you need to put through the Guarder rubber before you noticed the improvements?
  15. Don't get me wrong, the sound is really a minor thing, hence why I have 3 RM4's and 0 TM Recoil Shocks. I'm probably going to put a couple of 1000 rnds through the standard system before I even contemplate 'upgrades', just so I can make an educated judgement on where I feel I would want more from the gun......so far it's delivering what I need. Wow, 15m....that's insanely bad, thankfully none of mine struggled to reach out to about 60m (did my 'testing' at the purpose built range at Gunman Airsoft The Grange)
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