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  1. Vamp V^^V

    Post Apocalypse

    Photos taken of a post-apocalypse set up.
  2. Cor, bet he pleases the ladies.
  3. Nice details on the AK stock! Did you prep it with anything?
  4. Awesome! I love that, and I'm not normally a big SCAR fan. What else do you plan on getting for it?
  5. Lol, glad you weren't offended. And @OGGY, doh! Cheers for pointing that out Don't know how I missed that. Sounds like a good combo for that rifle to me.
  6. By that way, my last post was intended to be constructive, Ascendance, sorry if I sounded like a twat. I love the new pics They're a lot clearer, and the gun looks great! The stock looks fantastic on that. What are the new optics?
  7. Nice bush in the first picture. Are you trying to hide the gun? Seriously, cool gun and setup, but maybe some regular photos would reflect it better?
  8. Glad someone agreed with me on the 'lazy agent/pyjama thread'


  9. I absolutely love that effect..It makes me think of some kind of futuristic Urban Military force.
  10. That's a gorgeous paintjob!! How did you achieve that effect?
  11. ....why? It's hideous! And about as far from an AK as any Armalite. In fact, probably farther. No offence meant, it must have been tricky to do.
  12. That looks great! I like the fact that it's genuine wear
  13. They look nice! Could we have some less....artistic pictures to drool over?
  14. Good point Personally, I don't hold too much stake in making an authentic loadout. I would much rather make up a loadout of something that I think looks good, and holds all the things I need. If it also replicates an existing, or historic unit, then fine, good, but I wouldn't aim for one. And I would like an LCT receiver, too
  15. Grobut, that is a very good point, and a very reasonable answer, if we were discussing the merits of the AK47 over later models, AK74, AIMs etc. But as to getting an airsoft replica, surely the only real question is to which weapon you like the LOOK of most? I know you were asked the specific question, so please don't take this as a dig against you But I personally prefer the look of the AK47, the 'classic' the original, so that's what I wanted to go for. Sure, the fact that there isn't a readily availible, perfect representation, but I still like it
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