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  1. Vamp V^^V

    Post Apocalypse

    Photos taken of a post-apocalypse set up.
  2. Vamp V^^V

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Nice details on the AK stock! Did you prep it with anything?
  3. Vamp V^^V

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    I absolutely love that effect..It makes me think of some kind of futuristic Urban Military force.
  4. Vamp V^^V

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    That's a gorgeous paintjob!! How did you achieve that effect?
  5. Vamp V^^V


    That gun reminds me SO much of the sniper rifle from the original Unreal Tournament.
  6. Vamp V^^V


    the Echo 1 M1014 shoots around 460fps straight out of the box.
  7. Vamp V^^V

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I have to say, I absolutely love that shotgun! I think the cut down barrels look fantastic! Does it affect range or accuracy?
  8. Vamp V^^V

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    I say don't paint it, it would look much better in black.
  9. Vamp V^^V

    Zombie Emergency Response Operations

    No pity. No remorse. No fear.
  10. Vamp V^^V

    My guns (past and present)


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