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  1. How would you compare the accuracy and range of the KJW C8/M4 to the WE open bolt PDW? I'd like to get a GIM rifle, but I am unsure of which one to settle for.
  2. Well, for any plastic-molded holster (Serpa, Safariland, etc), the M93r won't fit due to the handle in the front, I would believe. EDIT: ED-SKaR beat me to it and made my post redundant.
  3. Are there any M93r specific holsters? I was hoping to get a Serpa or some other kind of quick draw holster
  4. Can you order magazines straight through Clare, by any chance? I'm assuming not, but the worst she could say is no.
  5. NOVEMBER?! Holy christ! My apologies for this post contributing nothing more than our common sentiment. I just COULDN'T contain myself.
  6. Because of t_hum and Raven1, I'm finding it EXTREMELY difficult to NOT get a KJW M4 and make a DMR out of it. My wallet - it screams!
  7. I'm going to assume a screw extractor bit after drilling a small hole? EDIT: just to echo what the link I provided says; THESE BITS ARE INDISPENSABLE!!
  8. Seconded. I'd love to have gas semi-auto sniper and am wary of buying the WE M14, when it comes out, due to WE's shoddy first-run track record. Is the hop and FPS consistent enough at higher powers?
  9. I don't know if I'd put enough faith in the WE to be more accurate than the MP7, judging by what people are reporting. I was flip-flopping between getting an MP7 or KAC PDW for my sniper backup/CQB primary and I think I'm going to go with the MP7.
  10. Just realized that I never updated on the status of my gun. Well, it's been long since fixed (scroll a couple of pages back to see the issue) and every single area where a leak is possible to occur has been sealed, thoroughly. This gun is now 100% leak free and running like a top. What happened was that when I installed a madbull tightbore barrel, upon reinstallation of the hopup chamber on the worm screw, I had it turned one turn too far forward. What that did was it moved the whole action of the gun maybe 1mm forward. This caused the recoil rod to be about .25mm short of making a perfec
  11. Keep in mind that the civilian 5.7x28 ammunition is not armor piercing. The last thing we need is a bunch of thugs carrying Five-seveNs with AP capabilities.
  12. Have any SR10 owners been able to compare the accuracy of the SR10 against other hop systems? Namely an AUG or M14? I'm seriously considering getting an SR10 but the M4 hopup system has never been noted for superior accuracy and/or consistency. However, seeing as KWA uses their spiffy new bucking, I'm wondering by how far they've closed the gap.
  13. How's the compatibility between old TM G36 parts and this new system? I ask this because I'd like to buy a G36 real-shock, but I do remember that my old TM G36c's receiver was not of the highest quality. So, I was thinking of buying an aftermarket receiver (didn't Army Code make them?) to make up for the so-so plastics that TM uses. Also, I may want to upgrade the barrel and handguard to a full-size G36.
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